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    About [VIDEO GAME VOICE ACTING] Serial Link Demo Casting Call.

    Project overview:

    Sofa ninja studios feat. The nobody collective is proud to bring to the world a new and dynamic take on the FPS RPG. Utilizing all the classic gameplay of retro first person shooter games, we aim to build on the great history of the genre and bring the masses a game that is yearningly familiar, and distinctively new. 

    Our game is a single player first person shooter with RPG elements. The gameplay will aim to emulate what has made great FPS games so good. Elements like interesting gun combat, unique & original worlds to explore, a grapping story, and of course, a great hook.

    Combat will be at the core of our gameplay. Interesting weapons, smooth gunplay and the help of a psychic sidekick. She will slow time, fling your enemies around like ragdolls, and is quite the pyromaniac. As the main character, you will weave these elements together as you play and produce a murder masterpiece of your own creation as you fight not only for your freedom, but for Evelyn.

    The player will have to help a living weapon escape the city, away from the clutches of a wicked corporation, thus can’t be used to murder, and so she can be free to be a child. The corporation are desperate to get her back. They are going to throw everything they have at you in a desperate bid to hold on to what’s theirs. Getting out isn’t going to be so easy…

    Serial link is a bold, sophisticated, and thought provoking first-person shooter that will stay with you way after you complete it. 

    Backstory Overview:

    You will play as Dexter Moneaux, a deeply unhappy man who has just been floating through life, making no human connection. After years of working for various Private Military Companies (PMC) stationed around the world, he was eventually blacklisted as an antisocial, and the work dried up. He would have taken any job, he was lucky enough to get a career at Emmaculate Industries. They don’t care if your antisocial, Hell, they prefer it if you’re a loner, it means you’re more inclined to keep their secrets. 

    It’s a pretty cushy gig too. All you have to do is watch over some kids, transport them from place to place, Go on raids, Generic shady stuff… 

    At first it doesn’t even register why a Military Research and Development (R&D) company would even have children. He just accepts what they tell him. These kids are from orphanage’s and warzones, they’re unwanted, and that they are training them up to be exemplary employees. Seems fair…

    You’ve always been good at going unnoticed, you hear things. Things you can’t bring yourself to believe. They might not be just “kids” after all.

    What’s it got to do with you? You keep your head down, and work your way up the ladder quickly, and are put in charge of a just one kid. A girl. 

    She spends her days going from room to room. She spends her nights weeping, you can hear it over the monitor. You never get to see her face, but, there’s just something about her. 

    You take her to the operation room, and watch them strap her to the table.

    What are they going to do to her, who is she, and why are they treating her like this?

    You can’t stand back any longer. You’ve been complacent for too long. She needs your help. Time to break her out.


    Hey there you! We're a newly started game studio from Cornwall, England. We are working on a demo for a first-person shooter that actually has the chance to be something. It's called serial link, it's a satirical fps set in Utopian city run by an evil corporation. We have a programmer, a Designer & writer, loads of artists & 3D modelers, Here's the kicker though, we have no voice actors. We only need 8-12 minutes of dialogue to begin with to and then if the funding is successful, on to the rest of the game. It’s really more about finding the right fit for us. I will say that initially it will be unpaid, BUT; if everything goes well, and we make the whole game, it has the potential to be a full project. PM or Email if interested. We are working from a solid and completed GDD, and the script for the demo is complete also. I am a happy to give a copy of both to someone for their perusal on request.

    You will be credit for the work that you do and it can be added to your showreel, and you will be have first priority on the major production work with regards to casting.

    Our social media across the board is @sofaninjastudios. If you wish to see us in motion; please find us there we have all the concept art, playtests, and the like up on there… Just so you know we’re not messing about.

    And finally, here is our website with some test footage: https://www.sofaninjastudios.com/

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold