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About All Male Chorus Group || UtaPri (Paid)

Hello future ComiSquad Staff! 

My name is Marsy, and I'm the director and owner of the group known as the ComiSquad on YouTube! 

A little about us, we're currently a non-profit, just for fun dubbing group. We started with Undertale Comics, but have since expanded into many different other areas including anime fandubs, other genres, singing and music, as well as our very own project. You can find us on YouTube by searching "TheComiSquad" and we should be the first one! We have nearly 7000 subs, and are hoping to grow even more! In fact, that's the channel we plan to release our Chorus Covers on! If you want to check us out, follow the link below!

ComiSquad YouTube
YouTube Audition Announcement

Now, to expand ourselves a bit more, we decided to start an all-male chorus group that focuses mainly on UtaPri and their music. We thought it would be a great idea seeing as a new UtaPri game was just released for SmartPhone, aaaand there is next to nothing out there for it.. Just go to your app store and search Shining Live, I promise it's worth it!

Anyways, we hope to cast the entirety of the male singing cast from UtaPri and put out English Versions of their songs! As such we not only need Voices, we also may need help Mixing/Editing, and will definitely need help with Lyrics. Also, now don't quote me on this, but there is a chance that this project can end up as paid work. It won't be a ton, but it will be a little something! However, that's not a promise so if you audition, you must be willing to do this for free and fun, not just for a paycheck! 

However, we are looking for several positions that we will pay, promise~. These positions are; Lyricist, Mixer, Video Editor, and Possibly an Artist. If interested in that, but not necessarily in auditioning for an UtaPri Prince, please send us a message or email!

Also, Keep in mind there may be periods where you might have to wait for work as Cecil, as well as Reiji, Camus, Ranmaru, and Ai don't show up until later. But I promise we will use you if you don't give up on us.

Now, time for me to stop rambling.

To Audition, there are a few things that are an absolute must:

A Good Mic (I can do some noise removal and add effects to make you sound pretty, but I can't do anything with a terrible mic and tons of awful BG noise)
Dedication and Commitment (Be sure if your going to audition that you can commit and will be dedicated to us and our project, multiple projects is fine, but if your just going to dropout when the going gets tough or because you get bored, then don't audition)
Talent and Knowledge (Obviously with a project such as this, you need to be able to sing and possibly act, and have a basic knowledge of music.)

You have an entire month to audition, so take your time! Also, don't worry so much about matching the voices EXACTLY, we're more concerned with casting good and diverse singers than impersonators haha!

Now, for more information on the audition, just follow the link below, It'll take you to our Google Doc that has a much better explanation!

Audition Information

If you still have questions on here, feel free to message on here, or use the email we include for you in the doc. Last but not least, if you wish, you can also join us on Discord! We'll Include a link before! Can't wait to hear all your lovely voices!!

Discord Chat

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold