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Melodee's Previously Completed Works

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    About Unwritten RPG

    Hello, our game is looking for voice actors of an illustrated scene. The voice actors also need to be able to sing for the ending theme song. The game is a revenue share project. We mainly need girl voice actors. Details of game and personality of characters below. I will send you the scene and character references in mail so you will have a better idea.


    We need voice actors for these characters:


    Element: Light.

    Weapon: Sword and Shield.

    Personality: Girl1 is not violent but very courageous just like girl8, girl1 is also very compassionate. But the difference between girl1 and girl8 is girl1 would rather not use violence unless it’s really necessary, mainly to defend herself. She believes in the good of the people unlike girl8. Her flaw is she gives her trust away too easily. Can kind of be seen as a disney princess.

    Fear: Others getting hurt because of her/Others getting hurt and not being able to help.

    Combat: A lot of health/defense/armor and some of her spells can heal. With her sword she can still do damage, but she's mainly for tanking because she also has a shield, a crapload of health and healing spells. She's slow with movement and also attacking. Trait: blocking


    Element: Dark.

    Weapon: Two Handed Sword.

    Personality: Girl8 thinks humanity is filthy, she hates everyone except for her sister though they both have different ideas. She thinks it’s not bad to harm people who are committing crimes or are being mean and rotten from within. Unlike girl1, who wants to give everyone a chance. But deep inside, she’d like to believe what girl1 does. Her flaw is she doesn't give people a chance.

    Fear: Having to admit that not all humanity is rotten and that there are many good people out there/giving her trust away.

    Combat: Girl8 has a high amount of attack damage and decent health. Her movement and attack speed are such as girl1, really slow. With her spells she can blind. Her spells are connected to her weapon. Girl8 can also attack while jumping, and can slash down while in the air.


    Engine: Unity.

    Angle: Mainly isometric (sometimes sidescroller).

    Coding: C#

    Genre: Fantasy Horror RPG

    Language: English.

    We are planning to make this game less linear, and more open world. But for now it is linear.

    There are 8 playable characters, each with a different weapon, element, personality & story.

    - girl1: light, sword and shield.

    - girl2: poison, daggers.

    - girl3: fire, katars.

    - girl4: blood, scythe.

    - girl5: nature, lance.

    - girl6: ice, instruments.

    - girl7: thunder, bow and arrow.

    - girl8: dark, two handed sword.

    The universe first began with the whims of the Dragon God Astrea, she who held dominion over space and time was the first to create the world(or name of universe). With the birth of the world Astrea also created life, small seedlings of her own power, to inhabit her new creation.

    (Her dragon companion is the shape of existence, existence taking a shape in order for Astrea to communicate with it)

    As time passed the newborn world flourished and began to grow, and with its growth so too did Astrea’s creations. From a small village to bustling towns the seeds of life Astrea had spread began to bloom and they deemed themselves humanity. Astrea looked upon her children with happiness for a time, yet with the growth of her children through the ages came sorrow, for they had been given a mortal life and with it the faults of mortality. The poison of mortality ran amok among her children and with it came bloodshed and struggles amongst themselves, and the unseen poison only continued to spread. Astrea bore witness to the destruction caused by her own creations in sadness and lament, yet Astrea could not interfere, she could only watch.

    During those dark times Astrea chanced upon a young boy during her observations. She grew attached to the boy as he himself had become aware of the poison coursing through his fellow people. She watched as the boy beseeched the heavens to grant him power so as to save humanity from the poison in their veins. Astrea felt moved by the boy’s words and his determination and so she decided to aid the boy indirectly. She gave the boy a portion of her own power, she gave the boy the power over time, thus the Time Writer was born while she herself became the Space Writer.

    After splitting her divinity she appeared before the new Time Writer and together they ascended from the world to watch from above. For a time her new companion’s ideals seemed identical to her own and together they worked tirelessly to indirectly coax her children towards the right path, yet even so the poison remained, blood was shed and lives were lost. Astrea had become used to failure during the eons since she 1st created the world, yet the boy, the Time Writer was not. Unknowingly the failures warped the boy’s mind and the Time Writer began to lose faith and with the loss of his faith so to did the poison within him awaken, for he had been born a mortal unlike Astrea.

    Unfortunately the awakening of the poison within the Time Writer was concealed from Astrea for the poison was slow acting. The Time Writer himself knew not what afflicted him, yet the poison whispered to him, enticing him, growing stronger and ever more potent with each failure to guide his former people. Soon the Time Writer lost himself to the poison and deemed that their efforts were all for not.

    Believing his people to be doomed to constant strife due to their free will the Time Writer in his madness decided to take their freedom. He did not discuss his new ploy to Astrea for he knew she would never agree, and so the Time Writer began his work in secret through several centuries. The Time Writer had began to create a mindless army, giving each of his creations a portion of his power and branding them so he may control them at all times the Time Writer began his conquest to subjugate his former people.

    Soon however Astrea learned of his plot and she confronted the Time Writer, yet he was too far lost within his madness. His grief and regrets coupled with the poison within his soul had corrupted him too far and for far too long. His plan had also progressed too far for Astrea to be able to stop and so in a last ditch effort she created the Boys.

    She had hoped her new creations, given power far beyond their predecessors would be free of the poison that inflicted mortals and have enough power to struggle against the Time Writer’s creations, yet she was dismayed as the Boys were too powerful and with that power came arrogance and once again her creations fought amongst themselves destroying each other in the end.

    In the end with all hope seemingly lost Astrea used up all her remaining power to create the Girls, they had not been given power like the boys, neither had they been blessed by her divinity like her 1st children, they were a new generation. Having used her last vestiges of divinity to create this new generation Astrea began to fade, before she entered her slumber however she split her soul and fashioned it into 8 cloaks, in hopes of guiding the Girls down the right path in case they became lost and so begins the tale of the Girl’s and their struggle against the Time Writer.

    email to: [redacted] with portfolio and samples.

    Thanks a lot!

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