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About The Devil’s Disciples (Pilot Episode)


I’m here with a casting and crew call for my web series, titled, “The Devil’s Disciples” I’m working on. 

Oh, and btw, this is heavily inspired by Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. Both of those are made by Vivienne Medrano.

 Here’s what I need. 

I need five voice actors, a writer, a producer for this show, who will be producing this with me, and a sound designer. I‘m the director and creator of this series.

 The voices I need for this series. 

I’m going to need voice actors for my characters, named Eclipse, Daisy Bell, Luci, Aerith, and the Lord of Hell. Let’s start off with Eclipse.


Eclispe is the main character of this series, being a 25 year old anthropomorphic hellhound who is under the constant control of his master, the Lord of Hell. He is a very determined, and at often times, very aggressive hellhound. Like the original myth, he is able to transform into a human. He also has razor sharp claws, which he uses to tear the flesh off his opponents. He will have a chill and layout voice, but will have a demonic, split voice, when he “puts on his game face.” Now, onto Daisy Bell.


Daisy is a 21 year old anthropomorphic “Hare of Hell”, who is also under the control of the Lord of Hell. She can transform into a human as well. She is very shy, and kind for a demon bunny. She also has a crush on Ash, and would follow him. She also wants the pain and suffering to end. She is also very important to the lore of this series, as she has something very bad inside of her. She has the ability to suck the essence out of demons, and can hold her own in fistfights. She loves to watch movies. But if she isn’t, she likes to get rowdy. I mean she’s old enough for it. She will have that typical, shy, young girl voice, with a Japanese accent. Now, onto Luci.


Luci is a 24 year old anthropomorphic fox who works alongside Ash and Daisy Bell, in order to stop the Lord of Hell on his tracks. She carries handcrafted weapons, and uses them if necessar, but resorts to her fists, or if it’s a huge enemy, her teeth. She also has razor sharp claws to tear the flesh off her victims. She is extremely intelligen, and is way more smarter than all three of them combined. She will have a heroine type voice. Now, onto my personal favorite of the bunch, Aerith.


Aerith is 290 year old (or a 29 year old) demon-angel hybrid. He has a passion for killing things, and is friends with Ash. He has the ability to forcibly kill someone, or bring them back to life. He was also an orphan due to his parents dying in an attack from the Lord of Hell, in his village. Now he has a grudge against him. He has split personalities. Meaning, he’ll be either nice and angelic, or flat-out rude and demonic. He will have a raspy, demonic voice. When he gets mad, the screen will glitch and he’ll speak in reverse. Now, onto the Lord of Hell.

 The Lord of Hell 

The Lord of Hell, or if you prefer Satan, is the main antagonist of the series. He is the reason why Eclipse, Daisy, Luci, and Aerith are around. Because, they were chosen to do his bidding. If they don’t, then he’ll forcibly kill them himself. He is able to shapeshift, and can spawn demons out of thin air. He killed Aerith’s parents, gained control of Eclipse and Daisy as kids, and made them kill their families, and fought Luci once, and banished her. He controls everyone in Hell, and can make them attack our protagonists. He will have a demonic voice. Like two voices speaking at once.


Whoo, finally finished with that! If you want to voice any of these characters, please let me know, then you can start your audition. Bye bye. See you next time.

About the Creator: chronicx13

Hi, I’m Chronic!

Hobbies: Animation, drawing, reading, and binge watching anime.

Interests: Becoming a full fledged animator, a master artist, and a better talker.

Equipment: iPad 4.14 and an Apple Pencil.

And that’s all I’ve got for you. Bye bye.

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