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    About Untitled Gackt Musical - Looking for Vocalists for Concept Album

    Hi Everyone,

    Recently I have been working very hard on writing, translating and putting together the necessary items for a musical based on the music of Japanese musician Gackt. I originally began the project as a solo work, attempting to produce a concept album of a story that takes greatly from Gackt's 2009 tour Requiem et Reminiscence II while also borrowing elements from Romeo and Juliet.

    It soon became a realization that the project was not possible on my own and I decided to come here in order to seek out a full cast for my concept album. My hope is that I can use this to further progress the show and hopefully one day stage a full production of it.

    Basically the show uses the songs originally performed by Gackt and uses them to tell a story, with most of the songs re-written into english by myself and other in the community. This also means that some songs do not translate directly from the original Japanese and are re-written entirely to be new songs telling the story of the show.

    The show is set in a fictional version of the Sengoku period in Japan and features two battling armies. The difference here being that the world also has elements of electronics and cybernetics, while sticking to the traditional style seen in that period of clothing and weaponry. The story follows a young boy and his friends who are part of the 'good' army as they battle with love and the opposing army.

    Full synopsis, character descriptions and track listings of the show can all be found in the following google drive folder, along with all the audition material. I strongly suggest that you read the documents inside if you want to audition.


    Now onto what I need from you. Basically what I am looking for is a group of vocalists, both male and female, to make up the cast for the show. There are many lead roles and several minor roles, with the potential for more characters as the show develops. As much as I dislike it, I will be taking the role of the main character Yoshi due to his complexity. However I may step down if I no longer feel capable of the role. Below I have listed some rules and requirements for the auditions.

    1. A clear recording environment with no background noises or buzzing, I want your recordings to be as clear as possible. Please send auditions without the instrumental if you can but listen to it through headphones while recording so you can keep in time. I want to be able to hear just your voice on its own as well as with the backing, which I can sync myself (Just let me know if you changed the key)

    2. While I will be setting deadlines for songs to be completed, please take your time so that you yourself are happy with your recordings. Multiple takes are great and If you find a song is very difficult don't be afraid to record it in sections to give yourself a break.

    3. Feel free to take your own interpretation on how a character should sound or how their dialogue should be, as this is a developing show I am very open to suggestions. The same goes for song lyrics if you can find a better or alternate way of singing a line.

    4. If you are cast in the show, preferable form of contact would be through a facebook group. This way the cast can easily communicate with each other, I will create and monitor the group. If this provides to be difficult than Skype is the next preference so make sure you all have both. I also regularly check emails for private contact.

    5. The show has many dark, grim and depressing themes. If you are sensitive to death, profanity or an y of the other themes in the show then please consider your own well-being before auditioning.

    6. I understand Gackt songs are very difficult to sing, this may especially be the case for females. If auditioning please feel free to change the key of the instrumentals in order to suit your voice. I want to hear what you can do rather than hear you try to sing a song that's too high or low for you. If you were to make it into the production, the key of each song would be adjusted to suit all vocalists involved. If you can't change the key of an instrumental yourself or don't know how please contact me and I will assist you.

    7. I want to make it clear that I WILL NOT cast the show until the deadline has been reached to make it fair for anyone who see's the casting call later than others. I understand its very frustrating when you find a project you are interested in only to discover that the main roles have already been cast within the first week. Everyone gets a fair go and the date will be extended if auditions are not submitted for every role.

    8. If you prefer to audition by singing the songs in Japanese you may but the English is in the google drive for you too. Please try to sing at least some Japanese and some English in your Audition. Auditions can also be submitted by email if you prefer.

    9. I am here to work with you, not against you. Please have fun with it all, if we all work together I am convinced we can create something amazing!

    Any and all questions can be directed to me through my email address [redacted] or in the comment section below. Please ask if you are confused or want more information, I will always respond to every question.

    Thank you for reading, please check the google drive I linked above for all the files you will need. I can't wait to hear the auditions.

    About the Creator: redoverdrive1

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