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    About Don't Audition - No Longer Casting

    Hello, everyone! My name is Rizzy159 (better known as TheMagicalJoker on YouTube) and this is my first casting call I am going to be releasing here on CCC. This project is quite simple and short and it more than likely won't take very long to complete. However, I am still looking for experienced singers for this song parody I am writing, of course centered around "Undertale" if you couldn't guess by the title. I am going to need three singers, but possibly just two if there's a female who can manage to make Frisk and Chara sound vaguely (slightly) different from one another. 

    Anyway, the song I am writing a parody of is "Fly Like A Butterfly" by Schmoyoho. If you know who they are or who the YouTuber Markiplier is, then you should be fully aware of what song I am talking about. If not, you can find it at the link I've got in place of the explaination video. Though for your audition(s), you need to sing a song. It can be any song you choose, but it has to be the full thing and there can be absolutely NO instrumental or backing track. I want to hear your voice entirely. If you use any kind of music, you are going to be disqualified all together. You must sing without an instrumental. I also want to be able to hear you clearly, so try to have as little static or background noise as possible. 

    This project shouldn't take more than a week or two to get done, but I will require your Discord or Skype (you need to have one of the two) so I can get lines from you and contact you more easily, because I don't like the way CCC is set up with their messaging system. When the project is done, it will be uploaded to my YouTube channel which you can find at the end of this description. If you have a YouTube channel yourself, I'd also appreciate in knowing what it is so I can give you that credit and you can potentially gain more subscribers. Thank you and I look forward to your audition(s). There is also going to be two or three curse words within the song, so just make sure you're comfortable with profanity before you audition. As far as asking for your Discord or Skype, I'll private message you if you are cast, so I'll ask what your user is as well as confirm that you've been cast as whatever role.

    P.S. You also need to have access to Google Docs, as that is where I am writing the parody lyrics and in other words - the script of what you'll need to read off of.


    If you don't know how the final song is supposed to go, I'm going to be making an unlisted video of myself singing the entire thing through so you know how each of your parts are supposed to sound (this only goes for the people who are cast). 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold