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    Ok this is a project I have been thinking about doing for a while but my mic sucks and I need some help. SO

    I am going to (try) draw a comic but I want a voice for the song I want to base it off of, yes I also need a song and well it's Undertale so if your interested pm me.

    OR since I can sing I could use someone who could clear up my microphone noise...because my microphone sucks ass.

    - song writer/ lyrics
    - someone to clean up my mic OR can sing for me ( i shall be the judge of that)
    - Maybe* help me draw the comic slides
    - I might be able to use something to put it all togeather on a youtube thing but i'm not good at programs and such soooo I might need someone for that too

    If you havea  Quotev account I would LOVE if you could join this group I made for the project on there - https://www.quotev.com/groups/945079

    If you are not deticated to this project your gone, poof! SO be prepared! 

    Oh and If you have a skype that might be the best way to do it....but if you don't or just don't wanna ive a stranger your skype then go make a Quotev account and join my group when I pick you. And even if I didn't pick you I might just need you for something else so go look because I have more then one project up.

    One more thing, this is for FUN, I can't even afford to by a new mic, let alone give people money i'm sorry about that.....but it's the truth. Than kyou for understanding. BUT THIS PROJECT WILL BE FUN!!~~

    Be awesome people! Have a fun time doing this nd you know..be awesome! (Good Luck)

    About the Creator: badkharma

    HI, I am trying this stuff out because it seems like fun~ 

    So I will be glad to help you guys out with roles and stuff :D 

    Also I do have school so I won't be on all the time (but most likely a lot) and I might have nights I have lot's of homework so keep hope in me because I keep promises. 

    Also check out my Quotev account KillerMakaChop or @ProudFanGirl 

    thank you, Bye bye! (also I know my spellings crap) ALSO I'M KILLERMAKACHOP (on this website) i just lost my shit....so new account.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold