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    About Undertale Dub-team searching for permanent members


    If you are looking for a group with a good plan on the future, then this is your place!

    We are hiring for a permanent, Story writing, Story dubbing, and story drawing team(Tumblr, youtube, deviantArt etc).

    Story writers:

    We need members Who can think of and write a good quality story about undertale.(or maybe something else if we go that far once)

    While we would like to have mebers who can resemble each character(so they dub them), there is no way we could ask for that. The story writer tream has to have about 5-6 members Including us.

    First We would make audiobooks, while we don't have an artist. If you think you would be suitable for story writing please mail me at [redacted] (and if you can include a little bit of a story you wrote) and feel free to audition for any of the roles!(If you can dub a character really well but have no experience with story writing, then please audition for the character and then we'll see about your story writing skillz)

    Voice actors:

    This is a call for a permanent team, so please before you audition be ready for dubbing any time because who knows when we'll need you...(Frisk's and papyrus's voice is taken)

    But other than that feel free to audition for any role, as long as you have at least an acceptable sound quality (background noise is not a huge problem but please look out for popping etc)

    Skype or Discord is an advantage but not a must. (if you can't find a role Its because We already have people for them)

    The artist:

    Well you are key figure what can i say :D

    You don't have to be the best artist out there, But I would like If you had you own style

    and i sadly can't accept pencil art...But if you think your pencil art is good and you can make a decent photo of it I may even consider it, But if you can please draw on the computer. (black and white art is more than enough) So If you think you are suitable, then send me some of your (any type) of artwork to the email adress mentioned previously. Also feel free to audition for any role :)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold