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Toxic Angel's Previously Completed Works

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    About ♥ Undertale comic dub group★ (and maybe animations)♣


    Hello! My name is Sakura (aka Toxic Angel) and I need your help~♥

    Soooo... Recently I have become really attached to this game called Undertale. (And I'm sure about 98.9999% of you know what that is, which is probably why you clicked on this) And when I say really.... I MEAN IT!!! I can't get this game out of my head!!!!!

    Anyways, I want to do comic dubs (and possibly animations, I am still working on it) but I can't voice over to save my life, so that's were you come in! You can help me by auditioning to get a part in my comic dub cast!


    1: Mic quality doesn't matter as long as I can hear your voice

    2: Don't put down others, because that's mean, and immature. 

    3: Have emotion!!!! I have seen a lot of great voices that have,like, no emotion.

    4: If you don't get casted, please don't get mad and yell at me.. ;_; In real life, I am horrible at making decisions, so please! (Same goes for if you do get casted, don't go "haha I got da rol, lel. U suk an I dont, luzer. You will get disqualified)

    5: On your audition, comment your favorite food so that I know you read the rules. (if you audition for more than 1, then do it once)

    6: You can audition for as many as you want, but will get a maximum of 2 roles

    7: If you are casted, pleas PM me within 1 week or else you will be dropped.

    This will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel. How to find it:

    Copy and paste this link. I am on mobile rn and idk if links work the same with PC.


    BTW, I only have  1 video of me speed painting the picture on the cover. Also, I am 14, so please don't judge me!!!!

    If the link doesn't work, then my Chanel name is Toxic Angel and my profile picture is the same as the one on here.

    Tip: I may do songs, too so just in case, please know how to sing in character. You don't have to include it in your audition, but feel free to!

    Also, the deadline may end when I get enough voices. I will also cast understudies, too.

    I am super exited to hear all of your auditions!!!!

    Also, This page contains spoilers!!!!!


    If there are any typos, they will be fixed. I am just really sleepy rn.

    More characters will be added soon want one added right away? Recommend it in the comments!

    About the Creator: toxic angel

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold