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About Undertale: Cinematic Dub- New Home Monsters (Extras Needed!)

*If you have not played the game Undertale, be warned, this casting call contains SPOILERS.*

"New Home" a section about halfway through Undertale in which the player wanders through a house on their way to "The Final Boss", during which the majority of the random encounter monsters throughout the game deliver an onslaught of exposition.
Two episodes from now in our "cinematic" dub of Undertale, we'll be there... And, oh boy, we need extras.
We're looking for some capable, sterling, strapping talent to help us out in this endeavor. There are over 40 characters, every line is a separate character you can audition for.
Now, to audition for this particular project, let me give you some context.
This section, will revert from the dub's normal "Remastered" visuals and back to the original sprites. There will also be several *slight* audio and visual changes to evoke the feeling of watching a VHS tape. It's also important to note that the entire house itself is very sterile and nothing has been changed in a very long time. The key to making this scene work is subtly and a feeling of nostalgia. This will also need to play into your performances. Which will be incredibly tricky due to the design of the characters. Follow the notes in each description, don't be afraid to be cartoony. But don't go over the top.
View the lines in full here:
Good luck!!! :D



1. No bullying, harassing or downplaying others' auditions. Treat others who audition with respect. Any signs of this will terminate your chances to being cast.

2. Read the character description to help give you an idea on what the character looks and acts like. You may record as many takes, for a line, as you want. 

3. When auditioning, it is recommended to use a high quality recording device. It doesn't have to be the best, but we need to be able to hear you with the lowest amount of background noise or ambiance.

4. If you want to redo your audition, please mention that ASAP in the comments.

5. Due to there being multiple instances of one type of monster having only one line. EACH LINE IS A ROLE. Though you should still read all available lines for a character you want. You are allowed to audition for as many characters as you'd like. You may even get more than one role. But you will not be cast for the same type of character twice.

6. It is encouraged to give constructive feedback to fellow auditions, and help give advice or suggestions. Please be mindful of what you say to others. Constructive criticism is a big plus. There are a lot of roles here, I encourage you to test your range. But don't attack others or be hurt if it doesn't work out.

7.Please keep troll auditions to a minimum. I love them, but if you leave a joke audition, be tasteful and keep it within an acceptable volume range. (I'm serious)

8. If you have any questions, email/message the director or ask in the comment section.

9. Have fun! Give us your best shot!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold