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    About Underpromise (An Undertale series)

    Hello I am Last Resort (but please call me Resort, or Last.) I am an animator and artist wanting to start a series based on the game of Undertale. This series is to be known as Underpromise. 

    Story: After the events of a Pacifist route, Frisk, a human, is dealing with the tension between both monsters and humans. They are determined to stop the hostilities and not Reset at the same time. However, as the problem continues to persist, monster begin questioning why they are okay with this. They question why they must act peacful when humans have totured them for far to long. Eventually monsters begin choosing sides, and Frisk being in the middle, begins to question their choices and makes a promise to someone that they are determined to keep. Will their promise be broken, or will they and their friends lose more than they could ever imagine. It's a battle between loyalty, faith, and trust that will not only detroy their homes, but their bond.

    (Edit) The story has been changed a bit and now goes more deeper than this. This plot line will be used, but as well as a totally different plot line that connects to this which will be added here.

    Yes, there's much tension, but there is something else. Something much...darker hidden deep in the shadows. A greater magic than any monster or  human will ver see. With the lock removed from such powerful magic the world is at risk of falling apart to it. Now it's up to Frisk to find out more about this magic, stop the tension, not Reset, and keep a promise all at the same time. However, when timelines connect and lies are told, who casn be trusted?

    (Edit) I just keep changing the plot don't I. Okay this is the final update on the plot. Story lines will be used, but now the entire series is planned out with this plot. A promise can break an entire world. After the events of a pacifist route, Frisk and the monsters are living happily on the surface. However, tension still remains among both humans and monster, and it continues to rise daily. Having doubts of bringing the monsters on the Surface, Frisk begins to contemplate if it was such a good idea. During their time with the monsters strange occurrences begin to happen, and everything is not what it seems. The world around them is beginning to change in ways that Frisk has never seen before and soon with the help of old and new friends they discover the magic that once trapped the monster has been released. This magic is entering living beings and giving power to anyone who wants it, but not only can such power give, but it can take and free anything. it can take away magic and it can free the most powerful. The most powerful that was supposed to be forgotten. When memories return and a promise is made, can peace remain? Or will monsters and humans return to war once more?

    Both plots will connect in th end, you'll see.

    Infomration About The Series:

    1. Takes place after a pacifist route

    2. a genocide route has already been completed

    Okay now here are the rules for joinging.

    1. You can audtion for more than one character, but you will only be able to play one role. (unless I feel like you really fit more than one character.) Females can voice males and maes can voice females, but I am picking those I feel real fit the character.

    2. Ages twelve and up can audition

    3. You don't need a  high quality microphone, you just need to be clear, have no background noise, and the audio must be cuttable. I want the animation to be in good quality which also means the voices.

    4. Please send your audtions to [redacted] I will check it often.

    More roles will be added as the series progresses.

    Roles/Who they Were Taken By

    Sans: sky is here

    Frisk: supercow8399

    Chara: Flare Art

    Flowey: sky is here

    Asriel: thatrandombacca

    Toriel: StorySwap Chara Dreemurr

    Asgore: Quizzerd

    Undyne: Keisha

    Alphys: stalene100

    Papyrus: Ian Kirsch

    Napstablook: Ian Kirsch

    Mettaton: Ian Kirsch

    Roman: AlexSquirtle

    Monster Kid: Myself (For Now)

    Characters That Will Open Later In The Series, But Can Still Be Auditioned For Just Send The Auditions To My Gmail ([redacted] ) You Can Use Lines From The Game or Comics That People Made


    Nicecream Guy

    Burger Pants



    Doggo (and the other dogs)


    Mad Dummy

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