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About Unbearable Awards 3 (An Award Show for Movies & Music)

Hello there, Since you're reading this then you have noticed my "help wanted" sign for my annual award show where I cover bad movies & musical numbers of a particular decade each year & people take a vote on which of worst wins each category. The final project will be released in video format on Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion & my personal webpage. This Year's theme is the "1970s"!!! The Links to the polls will be provided here in this description for anyone to vote but you need to audition in order to become a judge on here. How does judging work (for you'd be surprised how many people asked me this question). Once a person is cast as a Judge, they must contact me pronto & then receive their respective categories. Now these are the categories that the chosen judge will present during the show (think of it as the oscars or emmys, etc). That means the judge must keep all the information regarding said categories a mystery until they "record" the results. The video or audio file made by the judge must be sent straight to me & me alone & I'll handle the rest of the development cycle. All the judge really needs to do is: Introduce thyself, Introduce the Category, Introduce the Nominees, Introduce the Winner! It's that simple though there is a bonus section to the show! Now this section consists of all the judges asking 1 other judge @ random a question of their choice. The judge receiving the question answers it however they like (even if the answer is a lie). Now the question can be weird or logical but never offensive but embarrassing, maybe. The point of this "game show" segment is for the audience to decide on who lied or was honest with their answer by posting their answer in the comments section. You don't need to voice act for this show but using a character's voice that you did in another project on the show is permitted, only your voice personalty will be judged! Good Luck!

List of Polls: 

https://goo.gl/4iwDM8, https://goo.gl/ObT3JK, https://goo.gl/hUqth2, https://goo.gl/v9WQLk, https://goo.gl/REH6kq, https://goo.gl/C4CyXX, https://goo.gl/9AmwV1, https://goo.gl/Ti7a39, https://goo.gl/gynxPB, https://goo.gl/LbZaLs, https://goo.gl/Rk5NZz, https://goo.gl/Rk5NZz, https://goo.gl/5UibVM, https://goo.gl/nyfCrm, https://goo.gl/OdOhce, https://goo.gl/CMPMyQ, https://goo.gl/BFL4RM, https://goo.gl/WytqP9, https://goo.gl/CcFGw8, https://goo.gl/4tNgUC,

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold