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Ausuna's Previously Completed Works

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    About Twin Sister (SIMS 3)

    Story Plot:

    Nina and Erika Suzumiya are twins who used to compete in piano contests all the time, but due to an accident that happened when they were little they had to stop. After 10 years, they moved to Japan with their parents, only to find out the next morning their parents are gone. With their parents missing, the twins try their best to take care of each other and wait for their parent’s return.

    One day at the high school, the two girls go to the school’s music room and people mistake which twin was playing. Erika meets a guy who is in her class, named Shinichi, Arata, who has a special ability to play the piano as well and goes into competitions. Nina struggles to go on without her parents, making her want to just cling onto her sister. However, Erika is doing perfectly well without her parents and soon begins to leave Nina out. Then suddenly, the three get asked to join a national piano competition.

    The twins begin to fight more than usual, and Erika falls ill, and the piano competition was only a couple days away! Erika then has a favor she asks of her sister. 

    Will Nina accept it?

    Characters: (if you would like to try out for the young versions of the some of the characters, you can. You don’t need to if you’re just wanting to try out for their teen self. Next to the character’s names is how to pronounce them.) Some lines may or may not actually be in the story. Also I do need extras so if you don’t get one of these parts, you may get a part as an extra!

    Deadline: Undecided.


    • Clear mic; No background sounds, noises or anything.

    • Use emotions (Emotions are important for this!)

    • Be dedicated.

    • You may try out for as many characters as you like.

    • You need to make sure you answer me if you get a part. (I will probably make a discord or a Skype group. Discord maybe the more likely thing though. So please make one if you get the part.)

    Btw, totally okay with you trying something different with the emotions for the characters. I’d like you to at least say the line how I wrote it once, and then you can do your own little thing after. Please don’t be afraid to do that! Make the character yours! I want you guys to make the character “become real!”



    About the Creator: Ausuna

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold