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    About True Colors

    I'll have the plot summary below- But some quick details.

    - This comic will contain semi-mature themes and some language.

    - There will be LGBTQ and some non-bianary characters. You may be cast as one of these characters. 

    - The characters are currently nameless and genderless and without set designs at the moments. This is so anyone can play these characters.

    -Each main character on Palette represents and practices a branch of the arts.

    -Some episodes might include songs. Some characters are required to be able to sing. If you have any other musical abilities (Ex: Instrumental abilities) comment it down below. 

    -You must have Skype or Discord. 

    -It is preferable if you are slightly older (13+). I apologize- but this is one of my first comics, so I'd like to have some more experienced actors.

    Without further ado- A (sorry!) rather wordy summary of the plot!

    Ace grows up in the semi-dystopian world in a civil war. During the world war, the USA was desperate for work force and deemed all art jobs useless and unnecessary. Artists rebelled, giving their reasons to their use, but they were soon threatened with consequences if they didn't join the factory work force. To prevent rebellion, the government banned signs of creativity including creative drawing, music, artistic film, and mostly anything exceedingly creative. This sparked an outrage amongst the artists, causing a rebellion. Soon, anyone found allying themselves with the rebellion taking from the workforce were to be executed. So artists soon fled to the abandoned city of Portland, Oregon and started the first rebellion base of Palette. Ace is born 10 years after this. She has been dreaming of joining the Aries forces, the team that is sent out on search raids in order to stop Palette. Ace is especially proud to join them after her older sister went missing in her first year there. So Ace on her 18th birthday is finally old enough to join the Aries forces, and is sent to the main training base in Maine. But soon Ace learns that the life of a rookie isn't so nice. Within her first week, on an endurance march with her patrol, she is knocked over a ledge, and lands in an underground river. This carries her to a nearby Palette base in Augusta, Maine. She is sent as prisoner to the main base in Portland, Oregon. But she soon learns that Palette isn't as evil as she was taught. She soon starts to sympathize with them, questions her old loyalties, and finds she is more loyal to Palette through her slight artistic tendencies. At Palette, she starts to meet others on the base, and start to find who she is as a creative person, despite some questioning her loyalties.

    (Some plot details are subject to change.)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold