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Eagc7's Previously Completed Works

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    About Transformers/Marvel Phase 2: The Avengers Initiative Auditions Part 1 (SHIELD Files)

    So this is my own shared Marvel universe (with Transformers) based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so i finished Phase One which was Transformers centered, now i am in Phase Two which is Marvel centered, so in this Phase we see the coming of the Marvel heroes into my shared universe in 8 different stop motions.

    1. SHIELD Files (February 7, 2014-November ??, 2016)
    2. Transformers: SHIELD (November 30, 2014)
    3. Iron Man (April 26, 2015)
    4. Thor (July 26, 2015)
    5. Spider-Man (November 29, 2015)
    6. The Incredible Hulk (April 24, 2016)
    7. Captain America (July 31, 2016)
    8. The Avengers: Godzilla (November 27, 2016)

    this one will focus on the roles for SHIELD Files (the characters will reappear in future stop motions, but i am helding auditons for characters set to debut here or debuted here, i intended to have my auditions for all stories in 1 single page, but the problem is that the editing section for the casting call begins to lag for me and it would take me hours to finish this. so i am doing them seperate.

    So the thing here that is already have some roles cast, but i want some backups, in case the original actors dont do their lines in time, so characters already taken that may need backups are listed with a (BACKUP) on the character name.

    if your auditioning for a character that needs a backup, if i dont use your work its because the original actor did his stuff in tine, but fear not you will still get a chance to potray the character in the next phase or if the actor is unable to reprise the role for whenever the character appears next in this phase

    if ya get the role but dont hear from me for a while, its because no script is complete and is still being worked on, thus i have no real lines to send. and dont take to long in doing them, i had to go thru this alot and caused me to delay many of my Phase One projects and once u get ur lines dont take too long in finishing them, i'd like them quick as possible

    if possible, share this to someone u know in case he/she is interested in voicing, there are no limits on how many character u can voice, audition for as many characters as you please :)

    i'd appreaciate the help :)

    Auditions are free, no charge,

    About the Creator: eagc7

    If anybody wants to contact me, check my social links.

    Currentely i am working on my Transformers-Marvel Stop Motion Universe Phase 3, which is scheduled to start sometime next year and ending in 2019. Feel free to audition below.

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