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    About Tranquility (Project for love live songs

    This project is for Love Live lovers who like Love Live songs. We will be cast as male idols and they are fanmade characters. We will use a pitch shifter to change our voices into a guys so if you are comfortable with that, please audition. You will also get credit still even if it's not your real voice.

    This is a male idol group but it will be voiced by girls. Please note this. This may also be the first project to do this.

    We will also do these drama audios and these things and love live songs.

    We need to have voices of varieties.

    Tranquility has 11 members.

    They are:

    Tsukihiko Tsuma - modest and expressionless (Homura Akemi sounding voice?)

    Ran Suwabe - mature and high pitch

    Akiya Tsurakaze - cold and flirty

    Nami Tsurakaze - warm and hot-blooded (SELF CASTED)

    Que Chris - express sometimes and tough

    Uyoke Tsurakaze - low-pitcher Nami

    Itoko Seiichirou - happy and caring, high pitch

    Lilis Kohya - soothing and low-medium pitch

    Itoka Seiichirou - happy and a bit mature

    Trie Miyucho - hungry and care-free, high pitch and soothing

    Yami Nagara - Sweet like a melon bread

    Please, girls only because this project will be using a pitch shifter to turn all the voices into a boy's. ^^

    Please vote for which audition is good then I will select the following 3 that pass and turn their voices into a boy for each role. Then you will all vote for which one is better.

    This will be a Japanese and English group so don't worry!

    I forgot, Tranquility has sub-units!!


    Nami Tsurakaze (leader)

    Itoka Seiichirou

    Ran Suwabe


    Tsukihiko Tsuma (leader)

    Uyoke Tsurakaze


    Lilis Kohya (leader)

    Itoko Seiichirou

    Akiya Tsurakaze


    Que Chris (leader)

    Trie Miyucho

    Yami Nagara


    Please sing a song in either Japanese or English thank you.

    I will try to update roles once now and then thank you!! I will do the first 3 members though.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold