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About Tower of God Comic Dub - Episode 2+

Hello everyone, I am producing a comic dub for the Webtoon series Tower of God by SIU. 

We've posted our first episode on YouTube and now has nearly 700 views. We're going to be casting for a bunch of characters now, even though some might not appear for a few episodes. Some of the lead roles have been cast, but there are a ton of characters in the series that will need voices. 

Casting Notes:

- Audio quality is an absolute must. Absolutely no background or white noise. No laptop mics. 

- This series has a very large cast so if you don't get cast now, don't give up! This is the second of many casting calls to come, but we won't be making them until we arrive at the next batch of characters. 

- Be available. We are looking for a quick turnaround on lines. We would prefer to schedule recording sessions over Skype, but this is not necessarily a must. 

-  We would like to keep the cast relatively small. So we are very open to casting people to multiple roles.  If you fit two or more characters and the voices aren't noticeably similar we'll consider utilizing you for those parts. 

- Some characters may not appear for an extended period of time. We would like to avoid recasting so we ask of you to reprise your roles when the time comes.

- If you are interested in a future character or this project in general, send me a PM

Series Terms:

- "The Tower" - The setting that the story takes place in. The Tower is a world that chosen climb up to the top. There are 135 known floors of the Tower, getting progressively more dangerous as you go up.

- "Regular" - A person who has been chosen to enter the Tower. Regulars climb up the Tower in pursuit of their goals.

- "Irregular" - A person who was not chosen to enter the Tower, but opened the gate on their own. Irregulars are generally known to cause mayhem due to their overwhelming abilities. 

- "Ranker" - A Ranker is a Regular who has reached the 134th Floor. They are then ranked according to their peers. Climbing the Tower is so difficult that it can take hundreds of years. Rankers might as well be gods to the Regulars just starting out. 

About the Creator: justinkbrown

I am a 24 year old voice actor from San Diego, California. Let's do voices together.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold