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    About Touou School N Girls [ love live cover group ]

    Hello, and thank you for checking out my project~!

    I'll try to make this quick. This is a Love Live English Cover Group Project. However, unlike many groups that aim to mimic the sound of u's or Aqours, we will be creating our own unique sound... And using the N Girls from Touu Academy for inspiration! 

    Because we are singing with the goal of sounding different from u's and Aqours, but are covering their songs, many of our covers will deviate from the originals. For example, Strawberry Trapper could be a 9 girl song and Aishiteru Banzai could be a subunit song. These decisions will be made as a group.

    Platform: Primarily publishing the songs to Youtube

    Production Rate: One Song a Month, at least*

    Communication Method: E-Mail, Skype, and/or Discord

    Goals: To cover at least 2 group songs and 2 sub unit songs

    Production Details: 

    When you are cast, I will send you two translyrics and the singing guides. Basically, you will always have the next song we are singing so that you can record early and not stress later. As soon as you turn in your vocals for one song, you will get the next one in return.

    Additionally, all of our covers will be short versions. This will give us time to really dial in and produce our best result. I may ask you to re-sing your part up to two times or send you a harmony part to sing. This is not because I dislike your singing, but because enough on small fumble-- so small you can't hear it in a solo-- can make the lyrics jumbled for the group version.

    Lastly, we will hopefully record readings for all of the girls' side stories as time goes on. This part is mostly for fun, but because of it, please be prepared to speak and sing in the same character voice!

    Group Details:

    Our group is aiming to create a unique sound. Our group does not have a name yet. When we are all cast, we will take name suggestions and work something out for the Touou girls together. 

    Subunit Details:

    Similarly, we won't know the subunits right away. We will decide on them after we finish two group covers and have had a chance to hear ourselves singing together. After subunits are been decided, we will select names and subunit songs.

    Replacement Details:

    I am most likely to replace you during the first two songs if you miss deadlines. After that, we will hopefully have created a "pillow" of backlog that will let you miss a few deadlines without holding us back. This is for fun. It isn't a job. I want you to prioritize your school, job, and friends.

    Audition Details:

    [x] Please record your audition in a single take~! And do not add instrumental tracks-- But time it to an instrumental! I will download auditions I really like and create a sample. This is so I can hear your voice (and mic,) solo, then hear how well you time & tune with the instrumental.

    [x] Please do not use noise removal. Leave me 2 to 3 seconds of silence at the end of your audition. I will do all of the sound removal myself. This is make sure we all sound like we're in the same space together.

    [x] Hint: Takaramonozu will be one of the first songs that we sing. Singing that will give me a hint that you read my long as heckies details. It isn't required!!!!!

    [x] For each round of auditions, please only audition for 3 girls maximum. Indicate with a comment which girl you click with the most, and I will prioritize your favorites when casting.

    [x] If you are willing to help with mixing, lyrics, or videos, please indicate such with a comment to your audition. Right now, I am doing all of the mixing, lyrics, and videos. If we have more help, then we can produce more songs and probably increase the quality as well as quanitity. 

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for staring at this long thing. LET'S HAVE FUN!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold