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    About Total Party Kast: A D&D Series

    Hello there, everyone! Welcome to the project's page! As stated in the title, this is a D&D series proposed by yours truly.

    Whether it'll be uploaded to YouTube or just become a Podcast will be entirely up to the group once we've started. The setting is homebrewed by yours truly and has the potential to be an epic (and epic-ly funny) story line. A few brief descriptions about me and my DMing style are listed below, just so you have an idea if this project is something you're interested in being apart of.

    SueshiRoll as a DM:

    • One, I'm a DM that is VERY much into story telling, more so than dungeon crawling. I love to see how characters interact with each other and the world more so. This makes me open to many ideas from the players, since I like to see myself as not a God who wants to devour your characters' souls (most of the time), but as a Game Master who wants to make sure you have fun. (This doesn't mean your character is safe by any means, but that you will be rewarded for roleplaying)
    • Secondly, I'm not good with accents (for now), so this is why I'm hoping to recruit some other voice actors for this project. While I'll provide the narrative, the party will be the main source of entertainment. So I would enjoy hearing them being acted out moreso than the NPCs they may or may not encounter.
    • Thirdly, the world is homebrewed, so if you have a character already made and you wish to import them, that's perfectly fine. But make sure you're okay to tweak them a little since some of the racial histories and the like are different. This may cause background stories to change (or not) and quite possibly, their personality.
    • Also, I don't do evil campaigns (at least not yet). There are very few that I've seen that keep it to a controlled campaign rather than a backstabbing, murder hobo mess that ends in only a few sessions. So I prefer to avoid them. This can change, however, if we decide to do a side campaign or something and everyone is able to do so maturely.
    • Finally, for the sake of being upfront, I'm still a fairly new DM. So if you do decide to join TPK, please have enough patience for me to get acclimated to a few elements. 

    General things to be aware of:

    • I live in the central time zone. So if you have conflicting time zones with said areas, please refrain from joining unless you can make certain that your schedule will work out with the rest of the group's. (I, unfortunately, have a tight schedule as is, but once we set a firm weekly schedule, I'll be sure to make time.)
    • This is a professional type of project, meaning that I see this as also a job. I want us all to be friendly and have loads of fun, but we shouldn't ever get TOO comfortable so that we risk hurting each other's feelings. We should also try not to be too distanced from each other so that when recording happens, we're not awkwardly playing with our characters rather than just having fun with friends. So I ask that everyone pull their weight when it comes to being active in chat. (At least speak -in length, not just one reply- once a week)
    • All people who apply must be 18 or older due to mature themes in and out of game being discussed.
    • A clear mic and steady internet connection are most definitely required for steady recordings, easy editing, and generally just making sure we understand you without having to ask you repeat five times or more.
    • You must have Discord so that we may speak as a group.

    Plot Synopsis:

    A full century has passed since She was defeated. The Sorceress Nashofra, mother of dragons and magic itself, was taken down by true heroes. A group of some of the most unlikely citizens found themselves befriending dragons regardless of the destruction and war ravaging the world around them. With the help of Nashofra's own "children," they took her down.
    The Gods, feeling responsible, took away her gifts in hopes of helping with the healing of their world. They punished themselves and sent themselves to a deep sleep in hopes that their children wouldn't be tempted by the unnatural ever again.
    With the gods, magic, and dragons no longer in the world, Sodariel was left to its own devices. But now... magic has suddenly returned. A sense of fear and wonder has taken over the realm. And like in the legend, a few unlikely heroes are chosen to combat the evils appearing and hopefully to stop history from repeating itself.

    High fantasy setting. Medieval Europe mostly (depends on which continent the PCs play in, since cultures differ). PC steered story.
    And other details can be requested through PM. 😊

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold