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    About Tony Motors (Original Animated Series)

    As first, Thanks for visiting this project! But please read this information.

    Tony Motors is an original adult animated sitcom series Where I work a lot of it. There is one animator under the production of GVV Productions named "Guy van Volen" from the Netherlands! We're working on the first episodes and season. There not a lot of characters in the show but in the future, there will be more so keep an eye on this project!

    The Johnson family are the main characters of Tony Motors. Tony (Motorsports Man), Jolene (Diva Mother), Kendal (Hot daughter), Daxter (FMX Legend), Melvin (Small Gangster), Reno (Soda Dog) are the family that lives in Los Angeles, California.

    The rest are supporting characters. BUT, sometimes we have Fictional Characters from different shows in some Funny moments or another moment of some Episodes.


    1. All of these are made FOR FUN! So just enjoy when it comes to casting calls! No money is involved.

    2. Please make sure that you're a good voice actor/actress!

    3. Make sure that your microphone quality is good (doesn't have to be crazily amazing) so that your voice would be understandable.


    1. You will start voicing your character for us but PLEASE read the actions of your character so you would know how to sound like during that scene and to understand what's happening.

    2. Please be respectful to the creator (a.k.a me). I'm busy to put this project.

    3. Please contact me, if I already need your lines!


    Q: Is this Animation series for uploading on YouTube or being air on TV?

    A: Well, actually maybe the both. but, first I upload it on YouTube, and when a lot of episodes are done, maybe then I will think I wanna let it air on Television.

    Q: How big is the production team?

    A: Around 1 person and producer

    Q: Where will it be uploaded?

    A: On the Tony Motors YouTube channel! It could be found here:

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold