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    About Tomodachi Life - Big Brother Series

    Hahahahahaha ^^' Ohmigosh, I'm really doing this...yeah, I am!

    We all know Tomodachi Life, the 3DS Nintendo game where you can make yourself, your friends and all that as Miis and have them live a proper life. 

    And we all know the TV Series Big Brother, the series where people life in the same house and are evicted by the public. 

    So I say, let's combine the two! Ok, I don't know how much of the Bog Brother aspect we'll use but we'll see~! Might play to have a winner, see which VA wins!

    Now, on a serious note--

    I'll be looking for 50 guys and 50 girls. There are just 2 characters to audition for, one for the guys and one for the girls. Only audition for one however!
    I will select 50 of the auditions from each character and PM you if you are cast!

    This process will be extremely slow as I can't start gathering footage until I decide on the cast. 



    The reason I'm paying is because I will be needing some private information from you (see below) and that comes at a price for me to take, and thus and I should pay for that as well as paying you for working with me.

    There are a few things I'll need from you. This is to make this series as real as possible!
    1. 1. Your name. This can be your real name, or a stage name, but nothing like Kingoftheworld5678
    • 2.  You to be you. Act as yourself. It's you I'm casting, not some made up character. We want YOU!
    1. 3.  Either a picture of yourself, or a Mii of yourself you have created that we can copy. Otherwise we can't make you ^^'

    2. 4. You're birthday. Date and Month, Year doesn't matter. But I'll need to know if you're over or under 18. 

    You must be prepared for romance, marriage and the potential baby option. This is all apart of the game and should be fun!

    I guessit we make it a competition;

    1. 1st place gets $100
    2. 2nd place gets $75
    3. 3rd place gets $50
    But we'll see about that last one.

    Please have a decent microphone set up and be yourself! 

    About the Creator: Janettejames

    Hey I'm Jane! I' m the friendliest 21 year old you'll ever meet! 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold