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    About Tokyo Ghoul Manga Dub

    Hello there, everyone!

    I, like many other fans of Tokyo Ghoul, are sorely disappointed in the anime for being so unfaithful to the manga. Therefore, I'm starting this project to dub the manga. The videos will be released chapter by chapter, and thus the roles will be updated routinely.

    A short summary of Tokyo Ghoul, according to a Quora response to a question:

    Tokyo Ghoul follows the story of a college student named Kaneki Ken. He lives in a world full of creatures called “ghouls,” which are basically people who can only eat humans to survive. 

    The twists and turns are better not spoiled, so I won't spoil them.

    I'm going to need people that are willing to be in this project for the long run, as even many of the minor characters make reoccurrences. It is possible that this may continue into Tokyo Ghoul:Re as well, so be prepared!

    I'd suggest reading the chapters ahead of time for these roles, though it is not required!

    If you are going to join, please have a Discord account! It's an easy way to stay in contact!

    Also, please try to reduce your background noise and use as good of a microphone as possible! I can edit the audio well, but there is still a limit to what I can do!

    Anyway, thank you in advance for auditioning, and keep checking in on this post-- there will be new roles added routinely!

    The deadline for the auditions for roles that begin in chapter one is 11/23/19.

    Thank you!

    About the Creator: deleted172385

    Hello there! I'm not sure exactly what to say, but I'll try:
    I go by loseretti here, but you can call me Sarah, if you'd like.
    I enjoy voice acting, writing, composing, playing music, singing, doing art, and a lot of things in between. You might or might not notice from my auditions, but I have a very strong Southern accent (oop--). I started voice acting to kind of try to tone down my accent more, but now I'm just voice acting for fun!
    I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, too. 
    I can't wait to get to know y'all!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold