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    About Tokyo Ghoul Jack Manga Dub



    Tokyo Ghoul Jack follows the story of a younger Arima and a student named Fura as they hunt down the ghoul known as "Lanturn". This section of the Tokyo Ghoul series will have an OVA coming out soon. In celebration of it I wanted to create this manga dub!

    Characters Already Assigned

    - Fura Taishi

    - Ryou

    - Katou Sumiharu

    Important Notes

    - All of the scripts have been completed for this project and will be provided upon casting.

    - I will take care of the editing.

    - All auditions should have little to no background static. Just use the noise removal tool in Audacity or any other audio recording application.

    - If any audio effects need to be added. They will have to be done by you before you submit the lines.

    - Do not add any music to the audition takes.

    - I will create a Skype group for this project. I will use the group to communicate with everybody on the project (Links for the scripts, Chapter due dates, Links to the final project).

    - Everybody will be expected to play extras.

    - Reading the manga will be mandatory for those who have been casted. Keeping up to the chapter we are on will be good enough.

    - For source reference, I am using the version of Tokyo Ghoul Jack on

    Future Work On Tokyo Ghoul (Not Mandatory)

    I got inspiration for this from a manga dub project of the original Tokyo Ghoul in which I play as Hide (Link: ). Since Tokyo Ghoul Jack is set in the same universe as Tokyo Ghoul, there will be some characters that will appear later on in the series such as Arima and Jason. I will be forwarding my boss on the original project about this project and if they like your voice you can continue to work with an amazing community for the original Tokyo Ghoul manga dub. The choice is completely optional and will not effect if you get the role or not. Characters who appear in the original Tokyo Ghoul will be marked with a * next to their name. Example *Kishou Arima.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold