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Rose Says Boys Love's Previously Completed Works

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    About Time Flies When You're Waiting to Die

    Rhett Burns? Suicidal. Jace Kerr? Terrified of death. Together, they mix like Mentos and Coke: give them a shake and watch them blow.  Rhett has just ruined everything good in his life and naturally decides to end it all. Until Jace, an acquaintance from school, convinces him to wait till the end of the year and give Jace a chance to make him see that life's worth living.

    Hello and welcome to the auditions for the audiobook of Time Flies When You’re Waiting to Die, a novel I’ve written (yes, it is complete) and have been posting online that follows the lives of two very different high school boys as their relationship takes turns they never expected.  I’ll be blunt: Time Flies is a gay love story.  An adult one.  So if you can’t handle man-lovin’, this project is not for you.  But it’s more than just smut.  Much more.  (In fact, there’s no sex till chapter 23-ish.)  It’s got tragedy, humor, characterthe lot.  If you want to check out what's available online so far, here's the link:

    The novel is 49 chapters long—about 145,000 words.  I realize that’s kind of lengthy, but hopefully it’ll be fun? If not, at least there’s $50 in it for you.  But I think it’ll be fun!

    In Time Flies, chapters switch off from being in Rhett's (main character numero uno) point of view to being in Jace's (MC #2) point of view (i.e. chapter one is in Rhett's, chapter two in Jace's, chapter three in Rhett's, chapter four in Jace's, etc.).  Therefore, I am looking for two narrators/actors: one for Rhett's chapters and one for Jace's.  There will be normal description AND dialogue for you to perform, and you will voice all the many characters that appear in your chapters, so this will take some acting skill. 

    I don't have much money on me at the moment, but I can give each narrator $50.

    Requirements: I need you to have a decent mic.  That’s a must.  Skype, too, is necessary, for communication purposes.  And please no minors.  I don’t want to be arrested.

    Thank you so much, and enjoy!

    EDIT: Okay, guys, for the voices - I'm not looking for an epic, movie trailer, "In a world where..." style of voice.  I just want normal speech.  Imagine you're narrating a high school comedy film or something.  Thanks.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold