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About Tiger and Bunny Abridged: Episode 1

Let's Believe HEROES
In Stern Bild City, certain individuals discovered that they had super human abilities. These super powered people would be known as "NEXT" (Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents) and some of them would become superheroes. These heroes would work for sponsor companies and would have their heroic deeds broadcasted on "Hero TV". "Hero TV" is a combination of action news and a game show where the heroes are awarded points for performing their usual heroics (saving civilians, catching criminals, etc.) and the hero to score the most points during a season is crowned "King of Heroes". 

The story follows Veteran hero Wild Tiger (Kotetsu Kaburagi) and the hot shot rookie hero Barnaby Brooks Jr.  The duo will need to get a handle on their less than impressive teamwork as they face superhuman foes, including a mysterious organization and a lethal vigilante.

  • The Project
  • I figured I'd try my hand at the abridging game and see if I can make a great series with some talented people. Ideally, I would like to abridge all 25 episodes, plus both movies.

  • Why Tiger and Bunny?
  • Tiger and Bunny is probably my favorite anime of all time. I love the characters, the story, the visuals, and honestly I'm kind of a sucker for the superhero aesthetic. 

Rules and Requirements?

Good Quality Microphone

A good microphone will definitely help your chances of being cast. Please try to have little to no background noise in your recordings. Try not to peak your audio and be mindful of plosives. Try to bring your absolute best.

Discord or Skype
I usually use discord, (I find it much easier to use) but I have no problem with Skype. If you are cast, I will ask for your Discord or Skype info. Please try to be civil with your fellow actors and let's try to steer clear of personal topics (religion, politics, honestly any red button topics should just be avoided). This will make everyone's lives easier.

Respect your fellow VAs
Everyone play nice, seriously this is  supposed to be a fun project where we crack goofy jokes. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Let out a Wild Roar

Get into your character, have fun with the role, and show everyone your acting chops. I will list all the character's original voice actors in their description, but you do not need to sound like them to get cast (although impersonations are certainly welcome). You're free to look up reference videos for tips, but you don't have to limit yourself to the original performance. The only thing I ask is that you try to maintain the spirit of the character. Other than that, go nuts. 

Also you don't need to watch the show if you don't want to, but it might help your audition.

I'm going to be updating this project as I write the script for new episodes, so stay tuned for more roles to pop up. Just because you didn't get cast as one character, you might be perfect for a character who shows up later. So keep your chin up.

Above all else have fun, I'm looking forward to your auditions.

Roles Already Cast
Wild Tiger
Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Sky High
Origami Cyclone
Agnes Joubert
Mr. Legend
Albert Maverick

About the Creator: Crash Star

I'm just starting out in the world of voice acting and I realize that I have much to learn, but I have a passion for this and I want to get better with each and every role. I'm still working on expanding my voice range but I'm confident in my current abilities. The current types of voices I generally use  fall into the young adult to the mid 20s range, however I can  play deeper voiced characters should the need arise. My comfort zone revolves around hot blooded heroes, nice but overly excitable young men, or psychotic villains (at least those are the kinds of characters I have the most fun with). I try my absolute best to ensure that I have good audio quality (no background noise, popping, echoing, etc) and I want to make sure that anyone who casts me gets my absolute best on all fronts. My voice acting inspirations are Troy Baker, Nolan North, Kyle Hebert, Steve Blum, Wally Wingert, Sean Chiplock and many others. 

Current Roles:

Dante: Morkez Marihser's Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Rewrite Audio Drama

Anxor Blackthorne: AlecMayOfficial's Adrenic Legends: Black Dragon: Anxor's Rise

Kei Nanjo: Bonky's Persona Fandub 1-5

Cait Sith, Reeve Tuesti, Heidegger, Rude, Cid Highwind and Zangan: Flying Princess's The Original Final Fantasy 7 (The Fandub)

Bruno: Froggy Mitch's Giorgio's Bizarre Adventure PS2 Real-time Fandub

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