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About One Week Friends: Episode 1 Fandub (2M/4F) [CAST LIST IS OUT]

Cast List is out!!! (UPDATE)

Hey everyone! It’s finally here! After a lot of time and a 3 week delay (due to my computer dying), I have finally been able to release the cast list video! Please enjoy and I am so glad that I could work with you all, you did fantastic, but I will express my true sentiment in the video :)

Thanks a million,



Deadline: August 15th

Hey there! Lan here. :D I’m back with another casting call, this time for episode one of “One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends)” fandub (or as my YouTube channel calls it: a “Landub” :D) This casting call was originally created as a thread post on VAA (Voice Acting Alliance forums), but I decided to branch out to here as well. If you care to audition on VAA, you can always view over there with THIS LINK, as it is my home turf. But that said, there is no need to worry about getting overshadowed if you audition right here, as I’m just looking for good voices, is doesn’t matter where they come from :D

But before I waste my time yakking, let me explain everything with the provided video!!

What is This Project?

Nothing fancy, that’s for sure. It’s simply a fandub of the first episode of One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends).  I enjoy giving dubs to good animes that have yet to get any form of an English dub. I have no intention of dubbing the entire series at this point, just the pilot, but if I get enough support or requests to dub the rest of the series I might try to embark down that road, but most likely I won’t. This is just a simple standalone project for now.

Concernin’ Line Numbers…

An estimation of line numbers is given for each character to give you an idea of how much work you will be volunteering for, but it’s important to state that I counted guttural noises, sighs, or surprised sounds, about 40 out of the 80 in Kaori’s sake, as individual lines since they were separated from each other. :) So don’t think that all 80 of those lines are dialogue that need lip flap matching.

One Last Thing, and Then I’ll Shut Up

Since this show has no dub, we have no standard for comparison as far as matching English voice actors go. So, feel free to try and match the Japanese voices you hear, or take the character for a jog in your imagination and try something of your own. Please don’t hesitate to give me as many takes and different voices as your heart desires! I will also include a video reference from the subbed anime for each audition line, so hopefully that will help you in the audition process. The audition lines (and script you will receive if you are cast) are slightly changed from the official subs to better match the lip flap, so if you’d like (since you have the video reference) you could technically practice matching lip flap in your auditions with the audition lines. :D  No worries though, there are plenty of options here. :) It at any point you would like to view the entire subbed episode, instead of the in context snippets within this thread, you can always watch it right here: Full Subbed Episode

On a side note, Hase Yuuki is pronounced (Haw-say You-kee).

All That Information

As far as technical specs go…

  1. - Any audio format that isn’t compressed too badly will do fine (.wav .mp3 . even .flac if you       had too, haha)

  2. - As mentioned in the casting call video at the top of the thread, make sure that you can match lip flap, have a decent mic, and a quiet and somewhat echo-less recording environment.

  3. - And most of all, enjoy yourself. It’s all about being a hobby for me! 

  4. -Deadline: August 15th

OK! Wow, well this was quite a long thread. I apologize for my aloofness when it comes to writing concisely and minimally, but I do hope you have a good idea of what the project is and the amount of dedication I have on seeing it through. The turnaround time for this is actually going to be relatively quick. Once the casting is finished and all the lines are received (Which should be around the end of August), I can get the entire project done in less than 2 weeks.

So, thanks again to the entire CCC community. I love this place and I always will. Well, guess it’s time to sign off. My name’s Lan, it’s a pleasure to meet cha’, and you are awesome for reading this entire thread.

Thanks a million,
Lan :D

About the Creator: lan

Heyo. It's me, Lan. Well, guess I'll keep this short :) I'm a VAA user but I use CCC on occasion too. Usually I have my director hat on when I use CCC, but sometimes I audition for things too. Hit me up on VAA or right here for scouting! My username on VAA is: Lan

It's the same as the one on here :)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold