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Firefly's Previously Completed Works

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About Then You Were Gone -- CLOSED

IF YOU WOULD PREFER TO READ THE PDF VERSION OF THIS GO TO THIS LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/view/oqv9n5tzed2wdxw/TYWGAuditioninfo.pdf

For the Youtube Video Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4RiBEj7sNo

If you prefer to email your audition please email it to: [redacted]

Rules [Read before Auditioning]:

1. Make sure that you have a clear microphone. Any background noise (such as fuzz) will make your audition immediately void.

2. Be dedicated. This series will run from July all the way up until possibly February of next year. If this is an issue for you or you know you will back out, please dont bother auditioning.

3. You must be okay with cussing or vulgar language. This series is based on a book and the language used is part of the authors intent which I have no right to change. If you do not want to curse, then please dont audition.

4. I do not require any specific voice types. Accents, however, must be American. If you can fake an American accent, that works as well.

5. Make sure you will be able to meet ALL deadlines. I will give two weeks for the first episode and then a month per episode after that.

About Then You Were Gone:

Young Adrienne who is in her senior year of High School has just found out that her ex best friend of 11 years has gone missing. Adrienne had received a voicemail from Dakota four days before she went missing. Adrienne regrets not picking up the call and therefore partially blames herself for Dakotas disappearance. Adriennes best friend Kate tells her that its nothing to worry about because her and Dakota have not spoken in years. However Adrienne cannot shake it from her mind. The news declares it as a suicide but they had not found a body. Adrienne refuses to believe it is a suicide. She becomes obsessed with Dakotas disappearance and begins looking for clues everywhere to try and find Dakota or a hint that she is atleast still around. While looking, she finds some of the clues she is looking for, however, she is losing herself in the process. She begins to become someone she is not and everything around her starts to spiral downward. Dakotas disappearance isnt shaking anyone up but Adrienne and Dakotas ex-boyfriend Julian. Is Dakota dead? And how will Adrienne learn to discover the truth behind Dakotas disappearance? And will she find her old self, in the process.

(Then You Were Gone is a novel written by Lauren Strasnick)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold