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    About [CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF AUDITIONS] The Washi Washi Project! (Love Live! Nozomi and Mari Project)

    Welcome to the Washi Washi Project! (tape project)

    This is a project which includes the two characters from the Love Live! School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine!! I'm sure you could guess who they are.

    That's right, our washi queens, Nozomi Tojo and Mari Ohara!

    The people who are casted for these characters will be singing, reacting, etc. Arrangements for the songs will be made, things will be chosen to react to, you get it. Everything more specific will be explained in the discord server, which we will be using to communicate.

    I will say one thing here, if auditioning for a character, you really have to get into her. Kind of like how the English dub of Love Live! Sunshine!! was made, more based on the personality rather than voice of the voice actors. Of course, that doesn't mean voice similarity isn't important!

    I also ask, if possible, that you don't try to impersonate your character, but instead, possibly already have a voice kind of similar to theirs. This, along with personality similarity, which I talked about a while ago, will help decrease the chances of having to retake. Of course, this doesn't mean that impersonating is forbidden. It's just easier when you already really relate to the character. If you do impersonate, though, please be good at keeping character!

    But now, there's another problem. We're going to be using discord, and a lot of the time, because of distance, the connection of the voice chat will be a bit or really choppy. How will that be fixed? Well, you will be recording yourself with headphones, so it only catches your audio.

    I still have just a few more rules, though, so bear with me. I ask that:

    •You be kind to other auditioners and members.

    •You have little to no background noise.

    •You are able to act and record with liveliness and energy.

    I will be taking the role of the mixer, but I will still hold auditions for it, just so I don't get overloaded. I will occasionally be video editor, but I will not be back-up. (note: I will cast the main person voicing Nozomi/Mari but I will message you if you get back-up. Auditioning for Nozomi/Mari is also auditioning for back-up.)

    Thank you so much for checking out this project. Have fun auditioning!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold