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Meteor Shay's Previously Completed Works

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About The Voice That Should Be Heard ~GACHA CLUB SERIES~

Hey everyone! This gacha series is an original project! 

This series had an episode 1 to it but got discontinued. All of the characters were remade of course! I do have some scriptwriters but I am gonna need some artists. If you'd like to audition to be a scriptwriter or artist, you can DM me on Discord! Alec.#9021. YOU MUST HAVE DISCORD. Like-. If you don't have it then I'm sorry but you can't be accepted. Please keep in mind that I do already have some voice actors. (: The characters that you can audition for are open.

Channel Name?;

Meteor Shay

Main Characters;




The plot of the story?:

A girl named Suzu is dating a guy named Cagliostro. He's been Suzu's boyfriends for 2 years but Suzu finds out that he's cheating on her with her best friend! Suzu is friends with Marin who also happens to be best friends with Wyatt. Even though Suzu was dating Cagliostro, she had a crush on Wyatt. The day that Suzu finds out about the love affair, she goes over to Marin's house and is crying. She was supposed to meet Wyatt that day because Marin had asked if he could meet one of his friends.  Wyatt agreed. After Suzu and Wyatt meet, they start to hang out more. One day, Suzu decides to tell him her feelings towards him but he rejects her. After a few months of them still hanging out, Suzu finds out that is wasn't Wyatt that she liked but it was Marin. Marin has had a crush on Suzu for many years but did everything he could to keep it a secret. In the end, Suzu and Marin have a happy ever after with each other! (: But wait. Before all of the Suzu realizes that she likes Marin junk, Marin actually reveals that he's a good singer! Marin becomes famous but doesn't let that stop him from hanging out with his friends.

About the Creator: Meteor Shay

Hi, I'm Alec or Shay! I'm a youtuber/gachatuber. :) I've been voice acting for a few months. I've been getting better and better! I'm currently 14 years old and I'm a freshman in high school. I do use a mic for voice acting and I audition for roles whenever I feel like I would fit that character. Once I get better and start voicing in big projects I might make it so I don't really voice for anyone. I voice act for my friends. I don't voice act for money and I don't think I ever will lol. If you'd like to talk to me you can message me on here and I can send you my discord :)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold