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    About The Voice [FOR FUN]

    I am looking to have some fun on this new site, and therefore I (SuspiciousMafioso) will be holding my own CCC version of the worldwide show The Voice! The series is described down in the "What is a "Judge"?" section. Once I get more people to audition for the spot of judge, and I choose some, please come back and see if there are more team spots available!

    How it'll work:
    -You'll audition for as many as the team spots as possible (for now I'll make four team spots, times four judges [which will be me and my friends {or you guys! check out the Judge role!}], which will mean there should be 16 roles. to audition for.

    -In order to audition, all you have to do is sing your favorite song (any genre, even musicals, really. Preferrably an excerpt from chosen song) for as many judge spots as you would like. If two judges like you, I'll send you a PM and you have to decide!

    -Also, from there it will get a bit more complicated (by complicated I mean Team/Knockout Rounds, and eventually one night we might have live elimination?), so I suggest that you have Skype or Discord. This whole project will depend on many people's schedules. I am very flexible.

    -Deadline will be updated once it gets close. 

    What is a "Judge"?
    -A judge is sometimes a mentor, other times a helpful critic. They will create a team of four singers chosen from the many who audition here. Then, their team will go against other judges' teams in rounds like the knockout (where two people from the same team split and sing a song) or elimination (two people, same team, different songs). A winner will be declared during the "live shows" (a few nights where I will host Skype/Discord and people sing, afterwards PMing their votes on who should "go home"). Last one standing is winner. I think that a judge will have to be devoted and not afraid to give feedback. Also, it'd help if you knew a bit about The Voice in your country. :)

    -This is all just for fun, you won't win anything except for bragging rights that you could put on your resume if you really wanted.-

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold