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Strawberrysiren's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Untamed (English Fandub)

    Hello everyone! This is a fandub of the Chinese drama "The Untamed" also called "Mo Dao Zu Shi".

    I am a huge fan of the show and I've become obsessed with it! For those who don't know, it is a BL (Boy's Love) show, but because China is against affection shown on television between the same genders, it is very mild but apparent on their love.

    This show is 50 episodes long, so I do need you to be flexible with getting lines in on time. This would obviously be a long term project until complete, so please audition only if you know you'll have the time for it.

    If you have time, please also watch it. The show is incredibly good and it'll help you get into character more. If you just watch your roles then that's fine. The drama is very emotional at times. You can find it on Netflix and on Viki. Even Youtube has all the episodes.

    There are A LOT of characters in the show. Don't feel discouraged, please audition for as many characters are you like!!

    Please have a good microphone and discord.

    This is the Synopsis of the show:

    16 years in the past, the jianghu world is ruled by the powerful Wen sect, which dominates over the smaller Lan, Jiang, Nie, and Jin sects. The cheerful, mischievous, carefree Wei Wuxian, an adoptive son of the Jiang clan, becomes fast friends with the righteous and duty-minded Lan Wangji during an educational seminar hosted every year at the Lan clan's compound. Things become complicated when, during their adventures, the pair find out that the head of the Wen sect is the evil mastermind behind a series of plots that would wreak havoc upon the lands.

    In the present, Wei Wuxian is universally reviled as a practitioner of the dark arts; despite having been presumed dead for almost 16 years, he is portrayed as a vicious, bloodthirsty monster and his name is used to frighten children. Mo Xuanyu, the badly-abused nephew of the Mo clan head and the only cultivator in his otherwise mundane clan, uses a dark ritual to summon the spirit of Wei Wuxian into his own body and bind him with a curse that forces Wei Wuxian to punish Mo Xuanyu's enemies. While Wei Wuxian struggles to figure out what has happened in the world since his death and complete his curse-enforced mission, he ends up encountering Lan Wangji. The two work together to solve a series of murder mysteries, eventually finding and defeating the true culprit

    About the Creator: strawberrysiren

    I do try to be in character while playing video games, so when I have to read, I give each character a voice (to the best of my abilities).

    You can see some examples on youtube
    Strawberry Siren Gaming for Persona 5 (example).

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