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About The part of TERO - four scenes, 700 words

Hi All -

Thanks to all who auditioned!  We have filled this role from another venue. 

Please stay tuned!  Having all the dialogue in hand, we'll soon be wrapping up our first episode, and will roll right into Episode Two.

-  sawdust

$70-$20; Male, early middle age; 4 scenes, 700 words; natural dramatic acting.

Project:  A full-cast serial audio (melo)drama podcast entitled UTOPIA - .  Think "existential soap opera in an alternate reality".  

We need the first two scenes (of four) from this character to wrap up our first episode.  The third and fourth scenes will appear in episode two.

Character:  TERO is a man in younger middle age with a sensitive expressive affect.  He has a serious memory deficit but attempts to conceal this out of embarrassment.

I'd be looking for thoughtful "personal workshopping" of the material with multiple takes and a variety of delivery, rather than a straight read-through.

You'll be replacing an actor who did a fine job on the first scene but who, due to the extended "just-in-time" production schedule for our first episode, is now unavailable for the remaining three.  

In addition to the scripts, I can provide you with the following for reference:

- The previous actor's completed scene;
- Rough "dialogue edits" of the remaining three scenes with myself in all the roles.

This is a complete unit of work.  However, it's possible Tero may reappear in future episodes, if you're available.

Auditions can be in any reasonable format, but should showcase the quality of the audio you're able to produce (decent mic, decent acoustics, etc).  The production audio would be best in 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.

Terms:  If hired and I use your audio, I'll pay you $70.  If we just can't get the right audio for the mix and decline to use it, I will still pay you $20 for your trouble.

Audition deadline:  Friday, 2/9/2018.  I will update this notice when the part is cast, or if the deadline is extended.

Script Sample

The first few pages of the first scene:

I'm happy to answer any questions! 

Please direct-message me here first - I will give you an email address to discuss details.


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold