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Arkhamknight09's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Pages (Hiatus)

    The following project will be fan-based and fan-made so I cannot offer any payments for roles at this time.

    Slender-Man created by Eric Knudsen aka Victor Surge

    Eyeless Jack created by Creepypasta Wiki member "Azelf5000"

    Are you a fan of podcasts such as. "Serial", "Limetown", "Tanis", "The Black Tapes Podcast" and Halo's "Hunt the Truth"? My idea (Still in very very early development so it may not even end up happening but we'll see) is to create a podcast very similar to the ones listed involving a mysterious small Canadian town. More of a supernatural thriller than a horror, I intend to re-imagine the internet famous characters, "Slender-Man" and "Eyeless Jack" in my own way within this podcast. Lots of extras will be needed and I will continuously update this with any new characters I may come up with. The title I figured would incorporate the whole eight-pages mythos added after the video game. This project has no set end date right now because I want to let it sit so I can get the perfect cast. Keep in mind that character names, dialogue, the title, and the entire project itself may end up changing drastically or may even be cancelled down the road. Episode lengths will be intended to be at least twenty minutes but could be longer. 

    Inspiration:In 2009, a bit before Slenderman became as popular as he is now, I was introduced to a web-series and ARG called, "Marble Hornets". As a young teenager with a very wild imagination this scared the crap out of me, the way it was done, the way it captured the essence of realism and fear of the unknown. Fast-forward a few years, and now this character has boomed past a small internet following to mainstream knowledge. The same can be said about Eyeless Jack, although I felt the original story was lacking a little I loved how he looked and it always sparked these ideas in my mind. With this whole new podcast craze that boomed in 2015 I found myself listening to a whole bunch of these fictional mystery stories. After several ideas growing for a story with these two characters I realized this would be a great medium to have a story featuring these two, and that's where we are. This will be a work of fiction but made to sound realistic.

    Backstory: In the small-town of Stoneshore, Ontario, 2005, a man by the name of Jack Cawthorn uploaded a video on, the then still new, website of Youtube. In this bizarre video he acted and described very horrific details regarding a Tall-Man stalking him, manipulating him, getting in his head, his dreams, he saw him everywhere and it all started when he found a page walking in the forest. Driven by the insanity and indoctrination caused by this Tall-Man, Jack forcibly removed his eyes on-camera, in an attempt to stop this "indoctrination" process. By unknown means he was able to upload the video, it garnished only a few hundred views before it got deleted. However, it was already downloaded several times and spread like crazy sparking all kinds of talk on the internet and in real-life. Jack went missing and for ten-years has still never been found. The only remaining thing left is the legend of "Eyeless Jack". Jump forward to 2015 where the only remaining thing left is the urban legend of "Eyeless Jack" and this "Tall-Man" now a local story told around camp-fires to scare kids with the actual Jack believed to have probably died from blood loss somewhere in the surrounding forests. 

    Our story begins with Sarah Chardin, an eighteen-year-old first year journalist student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario and a firm believer in the paranormal. With a personal connection to this case as well as believing there's more to it then just a man going insane, she gathers some of her friends to shed some light on this case by travelling to Stoneshore and starting an amateur podcast called "The Pages" to record her findings. Little by little she soon realizes that the small town has changed since she was last there and that the paranormal and Eyeless Jack soon becomes the least of her problems.

     A  consideration before submitting auditions:

     I have the utmost knowledge that these characters and creepypasta in general have a very...I'll say unique fan-base, what i ask is that if you are part of this fanbase and are conservative and pure about the origins and treatment of these characters I suggest not auditioning. However, if you'd like to be apart of a new interpretation, are a fan of podcasts, like Marble-Hornets and are very open, go ahead!  

    I also suggest trying some of the podcasts I listed and getting a feel of what I'm going for. This is scripted but it is not supposed to sound like it, has to have an abridged feel to it so keep your "uhms" and pauses and what-not and add some variety to the words if you think something better could fit. Of course the narration bits by the protagonist are not apart of this.

    I'll keep updating this project if you're interested in it. 

    About the Creator: arkhamknight09

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold