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Tay Mai Ter's Previously Completed Works

Voice Acting 101

Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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About The Monsters Under The Bed (IN DESPERATE NEED OF ARTISTS)

Hi there!

I had written a story as a class project a while ago, and suddenly wanted to turn it into a narraration series.

The finished episodes will be posted on YouTube with all proper credits given (unless asked otherwise).

Things to Know!

This story will be long, so you must be dedicated!

If you cannot meet deadlines or work with the other members properly, you will be asked to leave.

All of these characters will be in future seasons, but more may be added. If you voiced or worked a part in this season and wish to do so in the next season, please let me know.

The story line is not yet finished, as that will be part of the writers' job.

I will be working along side everyone, taking part in some of the roles.


  • If you are voice acting, you must have a decent mic with minimum to no background noise.                                                   
  •  You must be willing to work on this long-term project. And meet deadlines! I want to try and have an episode out every other week.
  • You must be able to work with others and have discord (it will be our main form of communication).                         
  • No spoiling! If you do, you will be cut from the team.
  • Have fun! No one likes to work with a grumpy person.

I am hoping to turn this into a narraration series, trying to get an episode out every other week (if possible. I won't push for the impossible). 

I apologize for not having pictures of the characters. I myself am not a good artist.



There was a great war that shook the world. Now, the time is coming for another war; one even worse than before. The archangel is the only hope for a chance of success. Without it, all will be lost. Three monsters and a mortal fight with an angel and a siren to win over the archangel. When Luke finds out the truth, without proper knowledge, he could be the savior or the destroyer of the world.


If you have any suggestions once you are cast, let me know!



-Have a significant amount of scenes dedicated to just them

-Have a TON of lines


-Have some scenes dedicated to them

-Interact with the leads 

-Have a significant amount of lines


-Have limited scenes dedicated to them

-Are seen interacting with supporting characters and leads

-Have limited lines


-Only appear in scenes with the above rolls

-Barely interact with the cast

-Few lines 


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold