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Maelstrom's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Menace Returns - Reprise

    I'm looking for both male and female voice actors for a high fantasy computer role playing game that I'm creating. I haven't decided upon a final name for the series, but this first installment will have the secondary title of The Menace Returns. It will be an open world, but there is a story-based caveat: all of the competing factions will be "doing stuff" while you're off wandering the countryside (in other words, while the world will be completely open, it would be best for the player to maintain some focus lest they inadvertently miss the downfall of civilization because they were too busy picking flowers in a meadow.)

    The game has a strong emphasis on story and character/relationship development and, while the overall theme is somewhat dark (far-reaching, destructive war) and serious, inappropriate humor is very likely to slip in. This being an RPG, there will be violence, though I will be keeping it PG-13. There will be some limited profanity. There will not be any sexual content, though there will be some tasteful (well, to me at any rate) romance. While I do have a great deal of verbiage for the characters listed, I'm very receptive to artistic input and am open to improvisation. With respect to accents, I leave these up to the discretion of the voice actors.

    I have broken the cast of characters down into three categories:

    Major: These characters represent a significant time investment and has many hundreds of lines. Keep this in mind if auditioning for one of these roles.

    Minor: These characters will have anywhere from a couple dozen to a couple hundred lines.

    Bit: These characters either only appear in a small number of scenes and/or have fewer than a dozen or so lines.

    Other disclaimers:
    I've toyed with the idea of crowdfunding the project after making a playable demo of roughly 10 to 20 hours, though I've also toyed with the idea of making a free game with about 150 hours of play time - this is a labor of love, not livelihood. If this does become crowdfunded, every contributor on the project will get a share.

    BTVA link: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/maelstromrpg/casting-call/The-Menace-Returns---Reprise/

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