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About The Marvelous Adventures of Danny DeComp: Case 2 Casting Call

The Marvelous Adventures of Danny DeComp is a murder mystery story that follows Frank Harred and Danny DeComp, as they solve the many crimes of the underground city of Naybrookes. This is a casing call for the second Case or "Season" of the show. The second case takes place two weeks after the events of the first case. With a new threat the two partners have to track down before time runs out.

If you are interested in seeing the first season you can watch it here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWgLhy-_8nw_faqHDFEIwK3fTxC5sv2Oe

Because this is a murder mystery I do want to keep elements of the story a secret, so some of the rules and character notes may look a bit different then other casting calls.

The following is copied straight from the Info and rules doc. If you would rather read through that you can find it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SBYehYp11SSp_5i0hV_mDXzIoffj701CkkyYGy_KBS4/edit?usp=sharing

Hello there!! I first want to thank you for your interest in my casting call. I do ask that you read the whole doc before auditioning or asking me any questions. Failure to do so may result in me not accepting your audition. I have highlighted the most important bits of each rule and note so you can TL;DR the fluff if you would like.

General Rules: 

  • Decent Mic Quality; doesn’t need to be a professional mic just no outstanding background noise, static, ect. If I can understand what you're saying you're good to go I’m not very picky :) 

  • Please be committed to taking the role. All of these characters are important to the overall story, however, they may have certain episodes where they do not appear. The actor must be willing to stay on the project even if their character does not appear for a while. Please only audition if you know you will be committed to the project. 

  • Must be 15 years of age to audition

  • Gotta show emotion in your audition. All characters must be able to scream, cry, and show a wide range of emotions 

  • Must be able to do long monologues. I know this may sound like a weird rule, but this is a murder mystery show with a LOT of explaining. As such your character may have a long winded speech where they need to explain something. So please prepare for that. 

  • MUST have a discord! I have a private server for just the cast and it is just the easiest way to keep track of everybody and get you guys your lines. 

  • MUST be able to keep a secret!! This is VERY important. This is a murder myserty show and half the fun is the big reveal. I would be absolutely devastated if it was spoiled. If I find out that you have been leaking information you will be kicked from the project. 

  • Please send audio files in a .wav or .mp3 file. Those are the only audio files I can take

  • Please keep line reads to a min-max of 1-5 times. You do not have to read the line 5 times if you do not want to, just please do not do it more than 5 times.

Character Notes:

  • All characters have been listed as “side characters” as to not give away anything that may happen in the story. Some characters however, are only minor. 

  • Some characters have preferred accents, however these are NOT mandatory but would be greatly appreciated. 

  • All accents are very much welcome even if they are not directly stated.

  • All characters have 1 villain line and I would LOVE if you would include an evil laugh with your audition as well. Again this is a muder mystery show, so I do want to keep our culprit a secret. If you don’t think you have a very good evil laugh go for it anyway! After all I am only looking at certain characters for this bit. :)

  • I am casting all of the side characters for Case 2 as such some of these characters will not be appearing in the first episode. (I will be marking which episode they appear in under their name.)

  • All lines are completely made up and do not reflect what will happen in the story.

  • Some characters may curse (These will be marked as well)

  • When I say “Ranges can vary” on a character it means I do not have a particular voice range in mind for them (meaning higher pitch, medium pitched, lower pitches, ect.) Meaning have fun and play around with it! More variety = better!!

Where To Send Auditions: 

  • My Email: [redacted]

  • Casting Call Club: Congrats your here!

  • via a link in the Youtube Comment Section

    • If you pick this option I will have a playlist on my channel called “Case 2 Auditions” If you don’t see your audition go up for a bit either shoot me an email or message me again, and I will get it sorted. 

  • The public TMAODDC Server in #auditions channel (NOT MANDATORY TO JOIN TO AUDITION): https://discord.gg/d4vKMzu

  • Discord: Happytexans7#1972

I will also be responding to all auditions with “Audition Received Thank you for Auditioning.” (Unless you send your audition via Casting Call Club, I check CCC frequently and it sends me an email when you audition. If you send it there I promise I have seen it) If you do not get this message after 2 days of sending your audition please feel free to shoot me a message. In my discord server I will also have your name under the characters you have auditioned for in #auditionlist. This will as document how I received your audition, so if you want to be 100% sure I got your audition you can check there as well 

Auditions are Due: July 28th

About the Creator: happythecartoon

Hello there! 

I am Happytexans7 on youtube! I love to draw and make little animations, my current project is The Marvelous Adventures of Danny deComp which is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Danganronpa, and Ace Attorney! The show follows Frank Harred, a frog who has dreams of becoming a detective, but is often shut down due to his small stature. After the death of his mentor and his friend being accused of the crime, he runs into a zombi-fied rat named Danny deComp, with hyper anaylizing abilities (much like Sherlock Holmes). Together they decide to join forces to find the true killer and rescue Frank's friend

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