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Cxaramel's Previously Completed Works

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    About Inheritance | Animation Project

    This show is about a world where magic used to be a big thing, but now its nothing. Magic is only a myth and legend. I will need major help behind the scenes and quite a few voice actors. Here are the requirements to audition and submit something for this show. Keep in mind, I will probably be doing other projects as well so if you don't get a part in this one, then wait for my next one. And if you get a role in this show, then give other people a chance. Just to be clear, you can audition or submit for more than one role. Have at it, but keep in mind, you'll only get one role (Most likely, unless I'm desperate). I will give credit to the work everyone does. I appreciate all that you would do for me and the show. Just know, this is not a paid job. Budget is difficult and I would like this to be a fun piece of work without having to worry about payment. Maybe, if we make some money, I can start paying you all. And with that out of the way, here are the rules/requirements;

    1.) You must be at least 10+

    2.) I do not have Discord!!! (Sorry) I would like your email in your audition/submission description.

    3.) Must be dedicated and ready to work, get together (Electronically), and finish deadlines. If there is no dedication, then I may have to fire/kick you from the project.

    4.) If something is coming up in your schedule that stops you from getting your work done, then just contact me and we can work around it. If we all can communicate, then we can make anything work!

    5.) I would like everyone to be nice and no offensive or hurtful comments, conflicts, or fights. This may result in a fire/kick. Of course, there will be conflicts, but please be respectful and kind.

    6.) You must have a good mic with either very little background noise/echo to none.

    7.) No employee gets to leak anything for the project unless I say you can. I'd prefer no leaks at all, but for fun I may allow you to like leak a small picture or something, but not without my consent. This might result in a fire/kick

    8.) HAVE FUN!! let's not forget that in all of this we can make new friends, get our project out there, and make a great team if we work together and most importantly, have fun!

    In your audition, you can say each line up to two times in different variations. Otherwise just once, please. I will email you if you got the part. And please be active and available at most times. This will make it easier to work. I am sorry if all these things makes me sound like a demanding person. I just want to be serious in this, but also have fun with it. Just an FYI, I will use gacha for the animation and characters. And with that, let's all just have fun and I can't wait to see how this turns out!

    About the Creator: Cxaramel

    Hi, I'm Cxaramel and I love voice acting and writing stories! I post my projects on my YouTube channel. You can private message me if you have any questions about my projects! Bye for now!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold