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About The Lost Recording

I have a handful of characters who are set in a zombie apocalypse setting. The story itself is still a work in progress but I enjoy writing stories that happen between the canon plot points or just random one-shots with the characters. It helps keep my motivation for working on it up in a similar way drawing the characters do. So I have 6 characters I'd like to make a small project for which stemmed after replaying The Walking Dead Game Season 1. It's a pretty simple, very basic introductory to the characters. As the listener, we are basically listening to a recording that these characters have left behind (Quite cliche but I liked the idea).

We start off with Mina and Finn. We can hear that they're outside and walking. Finn has just fixed an old recording device that Mina found, and so the first recording/tape we hear is Finn testing out the device. Once he confirms it's fixed we hear Mina joyfully praising him. She then takes it over and introduces herself before introducing Finn. She explains their situation briefly before we hear the voice of Antonio in the distance warn them to be quiet and head for hiding. The audio cuts out.

The next recording again begins with Mina. The surrounding area is much quieter now, as if they were indoors, with the pitter-patter of rain in the background. Mina introduces herself again to the listeners before introducing Rin - the medic of their team who's also trying to find a cure. As the two previous students who were most intrigued with their studies, they reminisce about their uni days and ponder the thought of the world returning to normal. They are interrupted by Ayato, another member of the group, who Mina playfully teases as being Rin's boyfriend. The latter gets flustered while Ayato remains nonchalant to the comment. Instead of making a fuss, he ignores it and tells Mina that it's her time to keep guard and so she ends the recording.

The third recording is outdoors again, though they're not walking. Mina introduces herself as she would in a daily vlog-like style and introduces Antonio - the leader of their gang. In a interview like style (which Antonio is reluctant to play along to) she baits him to retell the listeners about how Mina and him met. The two met whilst hiding on a farm near the city before being picked up by a group who eventually led to being bandits. After a year or so with them they decided to run away, which is what led them to this position of being hunted by whom they once called allies. Antonio mentions how their break was over, and he prompts Mina to turn off the device so they can continue walking towards another temporary base before dusk.

The fourth recording is in a hotel room and has Mina introducing the only other girl on the team: Cassie. Mina describes her like Antonio's girl version whilst again teasing that she and Finn have something going on, to which Cassie retaliates by teasing about Mina and Antonio. Cassie snags the recording device from a flustered Mina, mentions the low battery on the device, and starts to talk about herself to waste it before finishing by jokingly mocking Mina for having it. Mina insists that it would be good for documenting the apocalypse once the world is saved. This then starts a debate between Mina (the optimist) and Cassie (the realist) on whether things will get better, with Cassie stating that Rin is one guy and without a team of medical professionals, a cure is unlikely. Mina sadly signs off on the recording.

The fifth and final recording is Mina, alone and her voice echoing. She states how when checking out the hotel's ground floor for supplies, they got swarmed by zombies who came from a full conference hall when someone opened the door. She's alone in a wine cellar. She states how she's afraid that she'll be stuck down in the cellar forever as there's no means of getting out and that the only light is coming from the red dot of the recording device. Suddenly, there's a window smash from the other side of the cellar and Finn calls out to Mina. She runs to him and he says that they're going to have to leave immediately but Mina has to climb through the window. She passes her bag of supplies to him but drops the recording device. She's reluctant to leave it, but the sound of the undead leaves her no choice. The two escape. The recording device is left on. As the undead pass and the area settles down again, a small beep of the low battery warning can be heard. All falls silent as the recording stops abruptly. 

So that's the entire thing! It's a really quick, small project I'd like to attempt. If I can, I'd like to get the thing entirely done to post it in November in time for Mina's birthday. The deadline says it's for 09/09/19 but that's only because they limit when normal members can do it. If I could, I'd extend it until the 20th of September. If you want to send any last minute clips then message me and I'll provide you with my email (since I can't put it in the description for some reason).


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