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    About The Kaleidoscope Project: Staff Needed!

    The Kaleidoscope Project is an audio drama that’s currently under production. The series takes a critical look at mental illness and the way society treats/engages with mentally ill individuals.

    In this universe, mentally ill individuals manifest special abilities, or “Gifts,” who are branded with different Greek letters by the government. These letters help categorize and classify specific illnesses, and indicate what type of abilities each person has. The story centers around a group of friends who are caught in the middle of a battle between the government and a group of rogue, Gifted terrorists.

    For this project to be as successful as possible, I’m looking for artists, audio mixers, and video editors to really help bring the story to life.

    What will each staff member do?

    • Artists: Since this is an audio drama, I’m not looking for a huge amount of art. Ideally, I’d like a piece or 2 of small character art to include in the thumbnail and video, in case viewers are following the series on YouTube.
    • Audio Mixers: I’m looking for people to compile the different audio tracks together with a mixing interface, following a provided script. Additionally, I’m looking for people interested in collecting and interspersing SFX throughout the episode. Ideally, it would also be nice to have someone double-check and clean the audio files before they’re compiled into the episode.
    • Video Editors: I’m looking for an animator who can make very simple videos. These videos wouldn’t require any complex animation—just some simple art, and maybe some particles or audio spectrums. Depending on the course of the project, I may be looking for simple captioning to make it easier for viewers to follow along.

    How long will each episode be?

    Each episode will likely be around 20 minutes, more or less. Some may run a little longer, while some may run a bit shorter.

    What is the compensation?

    Since I’m funding this project out-of-pocket, production on the first episode would be volunteer-based. However, depending on the response to the first episode, I’m considering creating a Kickstarter to help compensate the voice actors and staff working on the project.

    How do I apply to work as a staff member?

    If you’re an artist, drop a Dropbox/Drive/Appbox link to some samples of your previous artwork. If you’re a mixer, you can include a link to past mixing files, or link to videos where you’re audio work is featured. Video editors can also drop private or public links to examples of their past work.

    Why should I be interested in this project?

    1. The Kaleidoscope Project seeks to bring representation to less-represented communities. The characters come from all walks of life, and all cope with some form of mental illness. This project hopes to shine a light on what makes us different, and what also brings us together.
    2. The project already has a small fanbase! Through casting calls, the project Discord server has amassed over 100 members. The community is very uplifting and supportive, and all-around great place to hang out!

    How can I stay up-to-date on this project?

    You can join the official Discord server here: https://discord.gg/cYWYxQN. You can also follow the project’s official Twitter account @Kaleidoscop3Pro!

    Special thanks to @ha_cheeko on Twitter for the wonderful art used in this CC!

    About the Creator: thetieps

    Hobbyist Voice Actress
    Hobbyist Director & Editor
    Professional Writer

    As a lover of fictional worlds, contributing to the creative content that goes into these projects is a huge passion of mine.  While I do not work at the professional level in theatre and acting, I've been pursuing voice acting and singing as a hobby for several years, and hoping to expand my horizons with projects here!

    Similarly, I have minor experience with audio and video editing programs, and am looking to expand my horizons while also creating content for the shows and franchises that I love!

    I have been trained in various forms of professional and creative writing, and am also looking for opportunities to help with script work for various projects, be they fan dubs or professional productions!

    (i: @jeminix2 on Twitter)

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