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    About The Indiana Jones Interrogations - Fan Film Mini-Series on YouTube

    Hi everyone, yet another newbie to the community! I'm Jon, a young man living in Minnesota who aspires to be a filmmaker or author, and right now, I enjoy practicing my skill on various YouTube short films and videos.

    Right now, my latest project is a pretty elaborate Indiana Jones fan film, that will debut on YouTube as a mini-series. I really wanted to try an out of the box idea for my own fan film, and so the premise is basically: a collection of old tapes have been unearthed in government archives, which are interrogation videos taken by the Nazis while they tried to experiment on Indiana Jones at one point during their various run-ins.

    It's designed as a character/dialogue centric piece, and I play Indy on camera. Throughout the series, Indy has to suffer various characters speaking to him from off-screen, and this is where I find myself in need of voice-acting talent.

    Recording & Sending Information:

    I'd appreciate if all audio files were sent to me in MP3 format, as high-quality as you can manage. If possible, please have minimal background noise when recording. Once you've done that, kindly email me at [redacted] I look forward to hearing what you come up with! 


    This series was originally meant to debut a month or so back, but then complications happened with me needing to find voice actors. So, I'd really appreciate getting auditions before June 12th at the absolute latest. The series is meant to be released in parts about a month or so apart, so even if you are accepted for the task, you'd have plenty of wiggle room to deliver recordings. 

    Thank you everyone who's reading this, and is interested in helping me! This is very much a passion project for me, and any help I am deeply grateful for!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold