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About The Greatest Race (VOICES NEEDED) - Set #2


Dosiofey Boland 

Brendon Bolton 

Cleta Bonfiglio 

Gwennaelle Bourdy 

Lula Boyd 

Shirly Boyers 

Vanessa Brandl 

Kratt Brown 

Jamar Brunson 

Odin Burton 

Pete Campbell 

Trudy Campbell 

Divina Caraway 

Teddy Carignan 

Alethea Catalan 

Rayford Chamberlin 

Karuna Chandrasekar 

Kanta Channarayapatra 

Ethaine Chanteur 

Gitanjali Chatterjee 


In fact, there is a previous set, the first set: Yep! The first set! Voices are still needed.


Hello, my fellow lads! I am here to show you a project I started making since last month. It's basically a crossover of my projects from 2012-2017, though I haven't really showcased them as much, so it was a little vague. Anyways, it's time for...


That's right! It's time for the Greatest Race! 240 contestants in 15 teams compete each other to become the King/Queen of the Hill! 

But 240 contestants? That's hella' a lot, dude...

Yes, but they are all unique. Trust me, haha. 

The Greatest Race will involve around these people compete in two challenges, and will go for a race from one point to another

Here's the thing, I don't have any further plans on how this should be done, but it will be planned sooner than enough. As of right now, to give the characters more personality, I will get you guys to create a voice introduction to your liking.

But wait! Why do we have to create an introduction ourselves? Why can't we just read from your script?

Well, reading from a script is nice, but you will have to act on your own. You can make your own short script, but all I just want you is to introduce yourself in character. (Also, because I don't wanna script 240 characters short bios, and no, not because I am lazy.) This is pretty hard to do, cause each character's description is very vague and brief, so be creative and use your own imagination. 

And here is what you guys are gonna do.

Of course, I said this a lot, introduce yourself in character and explain about yourself, and answer why you would become the King/Queen of the Greatest Race.

Here is an example of what the introduction looks like. I will be using Taisha as an example. No, I am not going to take her, I am just using her as an example, so please feel free to voice her, if she comes up.: Tada (Here if you wanted to hear the full example, since one of the noise removal converters cuts it out: Yee)

And with no further ado...


  • You know what everyone wants, have a decent mic.
  • Try to stay in character as much as possible, unless the character can be acted as normal.
  • Avoid stuttering, UNLESS the character is meant to stutter.
  • The introduction should be from 40 seconds to 3 minutes. 
  • Swearing is allowed, since a few characters do tend to normally swear. I would avoid it for the rest of the characters.
  • Be respectful. I have offered a lot of spots. So be nice to others even if yours didn't make it.
  • And yeah, make it interesting.

Just so you know, I will be making this in separate sets. The reason why I am doing this is because I do not want you guys to scroll down to make it a hellhole. So I will be releasing the first two sets: this and the second one. Secondly, I have no idea what the limit is, and even if the amount of roles is limitless, I do not want to place 240 spots altogether and get the mods to kill me and my call. No, no, I love the mods and all, and I will be very respectful by not overloading the project. Basically, you must wait for the next few sets if the character you want to voice is not in the following sets.

Speaking of which, here is the list of characters with pictures (IN DRAFT MODE): Characters and their Brief Description

And if you want to the website that I am making. here: Website

(Yes, this was made from WIX, but then again, this is a non-profit project.)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or speak to me with the following accounts:

Discord: Kirby Poyo Pop#0625

Instagram: KirbyPoyoPop

Facebook: Scarlet Dashwood

Some pointless note to bring up (or not)

I will be very honest with you, I absolutely despise reality shows with all of my heart. I used to like them, but realizing how fake they are, I couldn't bring myself back to them. I just made a reality show based project just for the lulz and for fun.

Also, I do not have the full body of each character yet. The full bodies will be up soon, but I can't promise you that. I will give you their full-body (or half-body) concept from the year the character has debuted if you want to get a good look at them.

And to add in, you know how inaccurate some of these names are, and I am a failure for them. So I apologize to everyone if the character's name isn't related to their nationality.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold