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About "The Game: Rebooted" | A Minecraft Movie

"The Game: Rebooted" is a movie reboot of the Tossler Machinimas 2019 series: "The Game". This reboot is planned to use the lost potential that the original series has had but was never used to its fullest.

"The Game: Rebooted" follows Chris, Leah, and Jake on their post apocalyptic lives together as their community's best runners and fighters. When one day, unknown individuals arrive at their doorstep, kidnap them and force them to fight other survivors in a battle royale setting to escape the island alive. But nobody ever said it's gonna be easy.

This film is planned to start a franchise on my channel and be what defines the Tossler Machinimas channel.

If you're interested in seeing the original to help you decide wether or not you want to be in the reboot, here it is:

(As it is my first ever series, cringe warning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgSc1EFfbzY

The original main cast have all agreed to reclaim their roles, which leaves the rest of the characters + new characters without voices. This is where you come in!

Apologies in advance that there aren't any significant female roles, they were all already claimed by their original voice actresses, so females may only audition for Extras as there are quite a bit of extra roles to be claimed.


  • Be over the age of 16, this can be negotiable if you have a deep voice at a younger age.
  • Have a Discord account and be willing to join a server where all of the team will be able to chat together.
  • Understand that most, if not all of these characters will have a reappearance in future films. Therefore, you must agree for a long-term role.
  • Agree to attend recording sessions with other voice actors, this is to improve the quality and naturality of conversations.

About the Creator: IdoPlayers

Hello! I'm Tossler, thriving to eventually leave Machinima making and become an animation director!

Feel free to visit my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/tossler

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold