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About The Foundlings


And welcome to The Foundlings’ official casting call.



By Latibule.



I intend to keep the casting call open for six month. The reasons are the following:

A.           I’d like to give everyone a chance to audition at their own pace. Too often I hear about casting calls closing before a voice actor has had the chance to audition b/c of being away, school, work, sickness, etc.

B.           The Foundlings is the last of my concern at the moment. I will be too busy working on my current projects The Rivers and Epiphany to be adding The Foundlings to the list. I will pick up The Foundlings after The Rivers mid-season finale hiatus which will hopefully be in June/July 2018.

That being said, I will be setting my mind on some voice actors if they happen to be exactly what I had in mind for the characters, and I’m one stubborn fuck so changing my mind with your audition is not likely! I wouldn’t completely put off auditioning, especially if you had a certain character in mind! :’)



  1. Use emotions.
  2. Clear microphone: avoid static, heavy breathing, etc..
  3. Repeat each line a minimum of three times; make sure every take is different!
  4. Must be punctual/dedicated: I give out a minimum of 3 week deadline to send in your lines. (With a week long extension, if needed.)
  5. Must be in it for the long run: This is a lengthy series with lots of episodes. Will go on for years if all goes well. Don’t audition if you can’t commit to that!
  6. Must be okay with explicit/mature matters, ranging from swearing to actual sex noises ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The characters are rated according to their maturity so choose wisely!
  7. Feel free to improvise if you feel like it! If you manage to fit into character from the very start it’ll definitely make choosing you easier.


The purpose of this is to clarify the maturity of each character. This will hopefully help you decide which character you think you’d handle voicing.

A.           RATED M: very sexually active [sexual language, nudity, a looooot of sexual-based sound effects], is subjected/subjects violence including physical AND sexual abuse [voiced], use of alcohol/drugs, heavy swearing.

B.           RATED R: mildly sexually active [some possible sexual sound effects, sexual language, nudity], is subjected/subjects physical violence [voiced] and use of alcohol/drugs, heavy swearing.

C.           RATED PG: not sexually active, prone to being subjected/subjecting some physical violence [voiced], mild but existent swearing.

D.           RATED G: not sexually active, no abuse or swearing.



Drama | Fantasy | Dark | Alternate Universe | Post-War | Action | Occasional romance // comedy, while not primary.




·         Foundling:


An infant that has been abandoned by its parents and is discovered and cared for by others.


The foundlings revolves around a group of 5 chosen infants that were sent to Earth from their war-torn home, Odrion, in an attempt to secure their lives and maintain their one-of-a-kind species. Seventeen years later, Odrion is finally deemed safe for return and the five chosen ones are summoned back home. Their return ignites a lot of setbacks, digs up a lot of dug-deep questions, and brings out a lot of mixed feelings from both the five thought-to-be-normal chosen ones, and the people in Odrion that await their return.



  • ODRION: Odrion is the universe in which the series mostly takes place; it’s currently being ruled by its goddess Lesedi.
  • CASCATA: Cascata is the sea of Odrion. While a sub-universe of Odrion and under the general ruling of Lesedi, Cascata has its own ruling god; it is currently being ruled by its acting god, Carswell- to be ruled by Dalila upon her return.
  • STRATON: Straton is a sister universe to Odrion- not under its ruling but still very much associated with it. It’s currently being ruled by its god, Emric.
  • WRAITH: A spirit.
  • KITSUNE: A mythical fox.
  • NOGITSUNE: A dark kitsune.
  • IFRIT: A creature of fire and smoke.
  • MERMAID: Half human, half fish.
  • MERMAN: Male equivalent to a mermaid.
  • SIREN: The evil equivalent to a mermaid.
  • SATYR/FAUN: Half human, half goat.
  • REAPER: Soul tracker.
  • BANSHEE: Spirit who prophesies death.
  • PALADIN: Knight.

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