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About The Forsaken Stones|For Future Episodes

These are some characters that i ether need ASAP or are in future episodes.

Please be able to stick around for a LONG TIME,i also dont pay.

The Forsaken Stones is a new animated series i am working on,It takes place in a different dimension on Maverizik.See Mave has these dimensional portals some are good other are bad but this takes place is one of those dimensions.This dimension have has six stones these stones are extreamly powerful there are the four main strongest stones The Time Stone,Death Stone,Life Stone,and Space Stone.Next there are the 2 weaker stones The Shadow Stone and Psychic Stone.These stones are called Timpress Stones.They exist to help maintain that dimensions balance although its ok if one of them is not activated for years but if one is broken then that dimension will slowly disappear unless the stone is fixed.

 So far there will be two main characters Titus and Azerath.The character you see above has not reveled her name yet but she is known as The White Dragon.(you will see her in the first episode) there is also Olympia, Titus's mother,Vagira,and a un-named character. Although i will not give any info on these characters yeti can atleast tell you there names. 

​ "As two characters go on a scarce journey to find out the truth behind the mystery of the a stone and what Olympia has been keeping secret from Titus all these years,you can join them is this exciting and dangerous journey." 

​ ​ -More Info Coming Soon-
To learn a little about Maverizik(the planet) https://fangthewolf.wixsite.com/maverizik

My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQgjViPWoIExkBhn_4F9jg

My DevaintArt: http://fangthedemon.deviantart.com/

My Skype: fangthebrave (Will show up as ~Fang Michaelis Phantomhive~)

More Info:(recommened) https://docs.google.com/document/d/12SCw1gf9fsQTTGICTIA3bX9px4snVO0GrVmU7fUjxDI/edit?usp=sharing


Please have a skype,if you dont then please have an email.
This animated series will have gore,some cursing,and sad moments i do recommend you be +13

Also you must be able to work for free i will not be paying anyone.
please be able to stick around a while animation is a very very long project.

I only have Episode one writen as of this second,after i see how the trailer and ep one does i will start on ep 2.This will be simi-animated just most likely little lip sync.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold