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Djredrad's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Forbidden Island

    Are you a talented voice actor? or a voice actor that wants to be heard. This is a perfect oppurtunity.  I have been making mods for the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for over 5 years now. The leader of Timeless gaming saw my mods liked it and hired me. 

    I'm working with professional voice actor's now. I have recruited over 20 voice actors for the Forbidden Island a new DLC, I have given most of them donations. I plan to reward all the voice actor's somehow, when I get a large amount of money. The Forbidden Island will be a very large DLC for the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim with over 50 quests, it will compete with Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC as I mod on a professional level now. I'm here looking for more talent. 

    My mods, DLC's are downloaded by thousands of people. You will be heard by thousands of people, so I hope you are comfortable with a large audience. The Forbidden Island is a new tropical Island for the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It's being proffesionally crafted you can check out my Youtube Channel where I post videos. 


    The Forbidden Island is located in the Sea of Pearls. Gamers will be able to join new factions, visit new exotic locations, have girlfriends, their decision will determine the fate of the Island and will make a huge impact. You can choose to be good or evil. It has a main plot to follow, an Arena, rise up the ranks and gain reputation in order to speak with the Kings and Generals of the Island. The Forbidden Island is a very ambitious project.

    Some of the Cities 
    Santa Mara - Capital of the Forbidden Island 
    Oakheart - Poor District natives gather resources from shipwrecks to build their houses etc. 
    Atlantica - A City in the Center part of the Island where the Arena is located 
    Eastern Bay City - A City in the Northern East side of the Island, many argonians live there. 
    North Point - A City in the Northern part of the Island 
    Athena - A City in the Eastern Southern part of the Island, the finest ladies and the finest inns are located there. 

    The Sinistral Elves - A group of elves that lived on the lost Island of Yokuda, they escaped the destruction and some of them landed on the Forbidden Island, they are in a civil war with everyone on the Island. They are very hostile to outlanders and defend the forest with their life.

    The Imperial Legion - The Strongest force on the Island, they are currently winning the fight, to become an Imperial Legion you will have to fight and climb up the ranks, you will first have to become a Guard of Santa Mara to have a shot to join the Imperial Legion. 

    Guard of Santa Mara - The Guards of Santa Mara are guards that guard the capital, they have connection with the highest force on the Island, the Imperial Legion, the other guards, such as the Easter Bay City Guards, North Point Guards, Westeros Guards, etc don't have connections with the Imperial Legion and are not governed by the Legion, the other guards fought in a civil war to gain independence and they gained their own freedom and now have their own laws and regulations. 

    The Triple Alliance - The Guards of Santa Mara, North Point and Athena made an alliance and fight their enemy, which are the Natives, Namira's Cult and the Sinistral Elves. They fight for law and order, they fight to establish a new society, they view their enemies as savages.

    The Natives - They are losing the fight, and are going extinct, only a few of them remain on the Island, they hide in the underground city and deep in the woods near North point. 

    Namira's Cult - The most ruthless guild on the Island, they are also behind the madness that is going on in the Island, the destruction of cities, the disappearances of many innocent people, they worship Namira, and they are also working with the Dremora to bring darkness and destruction upon the Island, they seek to rule the Island with an Iron fist. 

    The Red Sabre Pirates - They only have one goal and that is to get rich. 

    Here are my links 







    As you can see there are over 15 thousands gamers playing my mods. I'm really thankful for the Steam Community.


    I will give credit to all the voice actors and post their links on all the offical mod pages, the Steam Workshop, Moddb, Lovers Lab. thousands will play this new DLC when it's released. I also plan to put the voice cast on 


    Notice, this is not the complete cast I already recruited over 20 voice actor's and they already completed their lines, these are the characters in which still need voicing, I will most likely also add new characters, so be sure to come and check the list again.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold