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About The Child of Life



The child of life was originally a short story that never saw publication, after re-reading the story and growing more towards the morals it taught, I decided to make a voice adaptation of the story. This will not be an animation of any sort, but it will be more like a radio show. The plan is to pilot the series on YouTube and further delve into other sources if it sees moderate success as a proof of concept.

The Child of Life bases itself on the fictional events of the story it was named after. It follows the title character "the child of life"  who is just as the name states, the child of the goddess "Life". Life, unlike her counterpart "Death", lives in an ever expansive afterlife known as Life's Garden where she raises her child. The whole plot of the story is that her child (who remains unnamed) grows up in the garden, talking to many humans about their lives before they died and came to the garden. She pursues an answer to why people began to accept death, and why they chose to live their lives to the fullest if their death would make it all for nothing.


Hopefully, that summed the story up nicely, it will cover some darker and serious topics such as suicide, terrorism, sexism, and racism. If you have any problems with that, I urge you to turn away from auditioning.


I have noticed a weird trend where people ask for specific software on CCC now, I honestly don't care. Please just have a way to record your voice in a High Quality and in a .MP3 or .wav format.

Please take this seriously as I am myself, I do not encourage people trying for roles outside of their vocal range but I have no issue with you trying for any role you see fit, I listen to all auditions and I try to give feedback to all of them.

When it comes to communication, I won't ask for much. If you have only an E-mail that works perfectly and if enough members have Discord we will use it as a primary platform.

Portraits used for the roles are not accurate to the actual character's design.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold