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Nero Vo's Previously Completed Works

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    About [CLOSED] The Boy Who Fell Voice Over Project

    The Boy Who Fell Voice Over

    [TBWF]  [SFR/DED]  [VO Blog]  [AUDITIONS (Part two!)]  [NEWCOMERS]

    [ [redacted] ]

    What is TBWFVO?

        This project was created primarily to help support the author, Starfleetrambo / DED.  This project was formed in December 2015.  Audition for main characters have already taken place, but we are now looking for two major roles-Lord Devil and Father Time-and several extra characters, (mainly masculine/deep voices).  There are also roles open for an extra comic that we will be working on in the future (however, it is not our priority).  

    A complete list of all the available characters (including extras) is in the Auditions (part two!) document above.

        This is an ongoing project, the comic has thirty six chapters-which means we will need committed people to work with us throughout the year.  We use Google Drive/Skype/VO blog for everything.  Also, please be aware that we have regular Wednesday Updates (EST) on the VO Blog, so please check for any reminders!!

    What is The Boy Who Fell?

        The Boy Who Fell revolves around an innocent, softheated and almost-spineless boy named Ren who suddenly finds himself in Hell after accidentally falling off a school rooftop.  He is then forced to partake in a tournament full of powerful and vicious beings in order to attain his only way of going home:  an all-powerful wish from the ruler of Hell himself.

        As the story progresses, lines between allies and enemies are blurred, dark pasts are revealed, political issues come to light and all the while, Ren slowly realizes that in order to survive his journey home, he might hve to give up the very things that make him human.  [x]



        Above is a document labeled NEWCOMERS-which contains FAQ/Links, etc. and other roles within the project that you may participate in, such as Art/Music/Tech.  If you wish to participate in other areas of the VO project, please email us at [redacted] !!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask (No matter how small.)

        IF YOU NEED EXTRA TIME we can extend it for you!!  Please tell us!!


        *TRIGGER/WARNING:  Blood/violence moments of mild-medium gore, future nsfw scenes, please talk to us if you have questions*

        Some spoilers below!!

    About the Creator: nero-vo

    *This account is for the sole purpose of finding roles and voice actos for TBWFVO Project*


    [AUDITIONS (Part Two!)]



    If you wish to be a part of this project, please go to the [NEWCOMERS] and read that document.

    This document also has F.A.Q. regarding:  Script, Skype, Google Drive.

    VOICE ACTORS:  You can audition for the roles listed on the site, but be aware that THERE ARE MORE ROLES WITHIN THE [AUDITIONS (Part Two!)] DOCUMENT such as extras (wayy too many extras).  There are instructions on how to submit your .mp3/wav to us there (via email).

    Other Roles:  ART / MUSIC / TECH (sound editing) Please shoot us an e-mail at [redacted] to sign up for other roles within the project!!

    Please feel free to shoot us a comment/email/feedback!!  We have regular updates on the VO Blog!!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold