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About The Boners Season 3

In this audio series, Timmy Boner and his dysfunctional family from Detroit, Michigan, struggle to survive strange events, political parodies, money issues, people, and worse of all... each other. They all hate each other, but they must work together to make sure no one gets lost in the hood.

We are now approaching season 3. As the seasons move forward I am amazed to see the growth in the writing, acting, and editing. Season 3 will hopefully continue this growth, with the show's strongest driven story yet.

(Long term Roles) [MANY SEASONS]

[TV MA: Sexual Situations/ Drug Use/ Strong Language] 

About Auditions: When auditioning, you are agreeing to be on the show for a long time. This show is growing into a strong series with many people handling it with care, and we would love to have people who are interested in the show, join the team. If you will, take time to introduce yourself before auditioning, that would be great.

Lines: Lines will be sent through a Google Docs drive. To help actors better retrieve the lines, everyone's lines will be highlighted in a different color. Please contact me if you would like a different format for your lines to be presented personally. After lines are complete, please send them to me through email.

About the Director: Hi, I'm Bobby Ewing. I am the creator of this series.  I write all of the scripts, voice most of the main characters, and finally edit the episodes when lines are sent in. I do alot for this series, but never stop having fun while doing it. I'm also very active on social media, and very easy to get along with.

About the Assistant Director: Hi, I'm Addilynn! I've had 6 years of voice acting experience, and I was one of the first casted members of this audio series. Bobby and I have worked together since the beginning of the audio series, and as the cast has grown, so have my responsibilities. I help to edit scripts and plot them sometimes, I voice act, and I help keep the groups in order. The cast is fun and easygoing and I can't wait to see who else is casted!

The Cast: Many of the cast join together on a skype chat and interact with each other, getting to know each other more personally. We would love to have you join us in conversations and calls. 

Thank you.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold