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    About The Blackboard: Animated Horror Series

    The Blackboard plot:

    A paranormal studies class goes on a class trip to an abandoned school building that is rumored to be haunted.

    Staying for only one night, it shakes up the student body, the teacher, and the bus driver, when the school has

    a change of plans for them. When they wake up trying to leave, they begin to realize they are somehow locked in.

    Included in their stay, the school offers mind games every second, minute, and hour.

    Every human has their own dark secret. And this school, plans to drive it right out of them, even if the

    consequences are dire. These secrets can ruin friendships, relationships, and even lives. Can you bare to witness

    which one it will ruin?

    We really hope they can stay close together and never split up...

    Because the school changes its form whenever it pleases.

    The Blackboard Background :

    A student named Marilyn , in 1896, was trying to reach her father with a medium.

    But, it didn't seem to work. One day after school, she made a huge oujia board and put it in the blackboard area.

    And began to ask questions. When was finished, she left , not saying goodbye. As she left, the afterschool archery class was practicing.

    Unfortunately, a student(in that moment ,possessed) missed and shot Marilyn in the neck.

    After dying , she discovered the truth to her father's death.

    Her father was killed by the principal's husband. The principal made a pass at Marylin's father, when

    her father has to forcefully push her away. The principal screamed wildly, and ran home to her husband showing the bruise of when she fell

    and used it as a lie to say Marilyn's father raped her. The husband fumingly, shot her father.. Marilyn, realizing it was the principal's fault,

    she wreaked havoc all over the school, making the principal tell the truth of her dark secret , and made her hang herself in the school bell tower.

    Ever since, she has cursed the school, not trusting anyone.

    This project is Unpaid

    Audition deadline: 4/20/18

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold