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    About "The Big Hit" short film

    This project is a short film being created for Mumkeys film festival, i suggest you look into his video (here: ) to understand a little the somewhat lackluster presentation and quick timing of deadlines and dates of lines.
    The Big Hit is , to put it bluntly, a love story where our protagonist, Zander, questions why his girlfriend, Andy, cares about him so much, and why he cares so much for their city that's about to be destroyed. It will have a early punk asthetic using punk music, from yours truly, as the soundtrack, and have undertones of self-pity and melancholy. it will be about 3 minutes.
    i ask VAs to, when sending in their Auditions to 1) format it in MP3. 2) send an email to [redacted] .com  with your subject being "(character your auditioning for) (preferred name for credits if chosen) 3) 1-2 day waiting period after due date for contact back.(more than likely a 1 day call back) and 4) have a discord for when the group reads over the script for the first time. (the reading will be done in a call, while you read and record your lines separately on a recording application, and when the session is done you send it over via email in MP3 format) 5) please have a decent microphone and sound  cushioning. I'm not looking for a completely professional production, but i hold a standard for audio quality, and that's as long as your voice is clear and there isn't too much background noise, then that is acceptable. 6) please have a paypal for when it comes time for me to pay you.
    the base price for voice acting will be $5 but depending on length of session and performance you may be given more (though not guaranteed considering I'm making this with the budget of a whole 1/2 lB of ground beef package)

    this is here to say, while the project is somewhat lackluster, i would like to be able to get this done before the 1st of march, and if you have a busy schedule, then understandably i ask, do not audition, as i cant be able to work everyone's time schedule around yours. there will be a total of 5 people MAX in the call (myself, the three voice actors (i excluded one from the roles as he already has an actor) and my co-director) also as a note, depepnding on your role i may contact you in the future about future projects, thank you all for your time and i hope to be working with you very soon.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold